The Republican Party is now the party of Donald Trump. They protest too much, in that for all of these months, the so-called establishment bemoaned the nomination of Donald Trump. The media was full of stories of how Republicans would never vote for Trump. One is reminded of the famous Shakespeare quote, “Ye protest too much,” well, the Republican Party has rolled over with barely a whimper in solidarity with their chosen leader. What kind of character have they shown, are you kidding, they have just acquiesced into following the worst, most unqualified candidate for high office that we have ever seen.Trump does not have the temperament to be President.

There are a few who have raised their voice above a whisper. There are a few Congressmen who may see the handwriting on the wall regarding their own position and like any endangered animal they are seeking safer harbors.There are some who have had the courage to stand against the insane policies and continual ravings of their nominee. They should be commended for their courage.

A political party in order to have credibility and longevity must stand for something, anything. Whether it is less government or being fiscally responsible, at least one could point to a principle or two upon which the Republicans can proudly hold onto as being sacred to their existence. In this election, one can argue that the Republican Party no long exist because they have sacrificed their ethics and principles on the cross of Donald Trump. A man of no honor nor principle is who the represents the honored traditions of the Republican Party. They should be ashamed!


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