Today, witnessed a visit by our President, Barack Obama, to Hiroshima, Japan, to memorialize the suffering that took place on that spot some time ago.

Fire did come from the sky, and man marched into the nuclear age. Our history has not been a pretty one as war has become part of our culture. Man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man has been an ever present reality.

The President rightfully wants a nuclear free world. We should all want a world free from the threat of mutually assured destruction, the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Are we capable of having a world free of nuclear weapons? And if so, would a world free of nuclear weapons make us safe from the scourge of war?

As the pain of a nuclear attack grows more distant from our collective memories I am afraid we are losing sight of the awful consequences of what life would be like if we were to actually use nuclear weapons.

Since, World War II we have had 70 plus years of peace in that we have not had any world wars. The threat of mutually assured destruction has been a great success in putting a damper on the ambitions of any dictator wanting to conquer the world.

Man has shown a great propensity for still having wars. Would we be able to stay away from having world wars if we did not have mutually assured destruction? It is a fair question because in all of recorded history there have been but a few years where we did not have a war going on somewhere.

A nuclear free world is an ideal. It is a wonderful idea but is it an idea that is worth having, knowing our history and knowing the brutality of mankind. Are we ready for a nuclear free world?


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