It has been a year since we last reported on how the Tea Party Heaven that Sam Brownback’s program of tax cuts has created in Kansas and how it has turned into Tea Party hell. It is time for an update!

Since we last reported Dorothy, Auntie Em and the rest of the family has stood in there and hoped that things would get better. But like the weather prospects are dim, and the problems that the family faced are getting worse. Frankly, they can’t sell their farm.

The state is still dealing with a massive debt instead of the promised prosperity that the Governor has assured the citizens of Kansas that they would have. In 2015 the state saw.1 percent growth while the nation saw economic growth at 1.9%. Instead of the promised job growth of 100,000, Kansas saw a mere 700 jobs .

Just to give you a comparison another Republican administration before Brownback saw income growth of 6.1 % from the years of 2010 to 2012, which by the way was 12th in the nation. Since Brownback’s nightmare began, his state has seen income growth dwindle to be 41st in the nation.

Half of the money needed to attempt to balance the budget has come from a reduction in school expenditures. They are barely hanging on, but it is coming at the expense of their young people. The money is coming from the backs of their school children. They are the ones who will pay for this fiasco in the end.

If the hope was ever real when it comes to increasing growth by cutting taxes, especially on the wealthy, please go to Kansas to find out what the reality truly is when Republicans govern by cutting taxes to the point where there is not enough revenue coming in to pay for basic necessities.

Meanwhile Dorothy and Auntie Em are hanging in there. Moonshine helps! Oz is still an attractive alternative to living in Tea Party Hell. Dorothy and Auntie Em are experiencing nightmares.


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