Hillary Clinton , Democrat, is now the nominee of the Democratic Party. She could be the person of which Elton John wrote his song about in, ” I’m Still Standing.” She is still standing better than she ever was.

Despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and the lies and innuendos, Hillary Clinton now stands ready to be elected as the first woman President. Let us stop for a second and realize the significance of this achievement. It is no small feat that she became the first woman of a major political party to be nominated to be that party’s candidate for president.

As she readily admitted that she stands on the shoulders of many women who came before her. Shirley Chisholm, came before her. A congresswoman, Chisholm acknowledged that she was the dark horse candidate. Margaret Chase Smith was treated as some kind of novelty. Even though, she had a lot of national security experience as a Senator from Maine. There were parlor jokes about the candidacy of Geraldine Ferraro, as a Vice Presidential candidate.

So excuse those who celebrate this moment in history. The shame of it all was that the male candidates in the race to the White House did not even acknowledge the importance of the moment. It was as if Hillary’s supporters were supposed to be quiet about this event and just be quiet because some Bernie supporter might be offended by the outpouring of enthusiasm that was only natural in celebrating the historic aspects of this remarkable event. Mr. Trump of course, only has himself in mind at all times, so it is understandable that he would not acknowledge the achievement.

For years now, it has been a cottage industry to attempt to destroy her reputation just because she represents a threat to the male dominance in politics. She has been vilified unmercifully with lies and half truths, innuendos and rumors. Just the other day her opponent attacked her for enabling her husband. Since when is a victim of cheating an enabler.

She comes to this contest, to this position where she has a very good chance to become the first woman president. If you have a daughter or a sister or a wife this is good news. It is great that a woman can be treated seriously for the position. It is ironic that she will face Donald J. Trump for who will become president. It is ironic because his attitude towards women is old style, an old out of date sexist who only has nothing but awful things to say about strong women. It will be the ultimate test of whether we have matured as a people to where we can elect a woman president. The race for the White House has now begun. Let the best candidate win!


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