Where is the outrage? What has happened to the Republican Party to where for the good of the country, Republicans do not see that dividing us is not good for America? You would think that their collective consciences would be bothering the Establishment Republicans by what is going on in America today! You would think that the Republican Party Establishment would want to do something about the violence in America that we are seeing today.

To paraphrase another American, these are the times that try men’s souls. The very fabric of our nation is frayed as we witness another death by gun. Two more young men have died at the hands of another, and in this case at the hands of policemen under suspicious circumstances. Where is the accountability?

And now last evening we have seen the murder of 5 police officers in Dallas. These are sad and tragic times. We need to come together as never before! But while we hear many voices calling for more love and more peace by uniting and fighting the age old nemesis of our age, racism; we also hear the discordant tones of those who would fan the flames and light the match to set us motion to be in further darkness instead of going towards the light. There are those who fan the embers of racism and incite and divide our nation setting one group of Americans against another.

This virus that we are afflicted with is the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. Where is the conscience of those who lead the Republican Party? They wave their fingers, and decry his words but they still endorse him., they still tell people to vote for him?

There are occasional voices that have spoken out to say that was is going on is wrong, but their voices are too few to make a difference. During the course of the campaign Donald Trump has singled out Latinos, Muslims, African-Americans, woman and the latest has been Jews. He seeks to divide and conquer. He seems to believe that there are enough white people, who are insecure and fearful, to vote for him, that this will bring with it the office of President of the United States. He wants to mold the Republican Party in his own image.

The very future of the Republican Party is at stake.

The tragedy in Dallas offers the Republican Party a chance to redeem their honor and do what is right for America. If Republicans were to acknowledge that there is a problem, that there is racism, it would be a start. Paul Ryan’s speech is a good beginning. If we could admit that to be a black young man in America, is a difficult thing. White America, does not experience what young black men experiences when it comes to having Justice in America. There are now too many videos to show what it is like to face the police if you are black.

But the Republican Party faces a problem which is in a way a problem that they have created by having a Southern strategy. This Southern strategy has curried the favor of Southern white hatred to others who are not white. It is a problem that Nixon’s policies have brought to the feet of the Republican Party.

It is no accident that the Republican Party has the votes from the Deep South. But America is changing, the face of America is diverse, and not white. The electoral reality is as time goes by White America is going to have less of a say. People like Pat Buchanan decry this fact, and warn others of the so-called danger in this. He is along with others continuing to encourage the divide that is killing America.

The Republican Party needs to look within itself and be willing to change. If they don’t reflect the reality of America, and the blessings of diversity, they will die as a Party. They need to find their conscience and stand up for an America that is united. It is high time to recognize that America is a quilt of many colors, made up of different ethnic groups, with different religions. The one thing that we all share is that we are Americans. It is time to stop dividing America and change your ways to help bring us all together as one people.



  1. I became convinced quite a while ago that the Republican Party had no conscience. The fact that they would allow a sleazebag like Donald Trump becomes their nominee for POTUS is a travesty. They could have, and should have, put this idiot in his place a long time ago. But, they chose to just let him go with his racist, sexist, misogynistic rhetoric. Now it’s too late for them to redeem themselves.

    In the aftermath of the tragic shooting of five police officers in Dallas, instead of trying to heal this ugly wound, they instead choose to point the fingers of blame at everyone else. They are blaming the Black Lives Matter movement, liberals, Jesse Jackson, social media, and even Hillary Clinton. They are a disgrace!

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