The Donald J. Trump campaign for President is over. It is all over except for the shouting. The polls are just beginning to take note of the fact that the American people now get it, they now understand that Donald Trump is not fit to be President, president of the United States.

Donald Trump candidacy is dead in the water. The old joke was about the gang who could not shoot straight, well, we are seeing a campaign die of many self inflicted wounds, a death of a thousand cuts. The disaster that the Trump campaign has become is so toxic that Republicans are abandoning ship.

We have not seen anything like it in the anal’s of our political history. This past week, Trump’s self inflicted wounds are becoming legendary, in an almost daily diatribe, he has been the master of his own fate. The vast litany of mistakes first occurred with his remarks regarding the family of Captain Khan, a gold star mother and family. But his mistakes were not limited to that wound, his off the cuff comments regarding Russia have not helped as people are beginning to wonder how close is Donald Trump to the Russian Bear in the form of Vladimer Putin. Then the Donald violated one of the most obvious of political correctness rules by attacking babies. Mother, God, country, apple pie and babies have long been parts of Americana that you do not attack. And to be quite frank, it is becoming very tiresome and down right wrong to keep talking down America, we are a great country.  He just can’t seem to keep from making these errors.

When you consider the enormity of them all, they are a reflection of his character. Any perceived slight has to be responded to. Is this the behavior of a person that we can trust in the White House to do the right thing? The polls are beginning to give us an answer to this question by giving a resounding no. Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be President of the United States. If you are in fight it might be a good character trait to show your willingness to respond aggressively to any perceived insult, but as President you need someone calm and reassuring. If you should happen to get a 3:00 AM call to be in the situation room you don’t want to have some reckless person respond. His response to his first national security briefing was to ask about using nuclear weapons. Wow!

We can not allow ourselves the luxury of feeling that the election is over and we know who is going to win. His candidacy is so dangerous, that we need to send a loud and clear message to him and his minions. A candidacy based upon anger and hate is not who we are as a people.

Our values, the goodness of America must be placed above the interests of party. What is best for our country is far more important than what is best for any political party. In fact, the Republican Party faces a disaster of epic proportions but what is most important is that they face a moral dilemma, do they just go along with his candidacy by supporting it, or do they repudiate it as a matter of conscience?

Well, this election is different! We have discovered why things are politically correct. To say and do things that are politically incorrect is not necessarily a good thing. It could be that by being politically incorrect, it is just an excuse to be insulting.

We have seen far too much from Donald Trump. Watching his campaign now is like watching a train wreck. And frankly, since I have never seen a train wreck it is fascinating. You just can’t help but watch! What will come next?

The election of a President is actually very, very important, we are electing the leader of the free world. The person who we elect should actually have a clue of how this all works.

We can not take anything for granted and our response to Trump’s candidacy must be a resounding no. Our answer to hate and anger is to VOTE.



  1. Reblogged this on Crippled Politics and commented:
    Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, but he is to arrogant and narcissistic to admit it. He is a perfect example of the old saying, “give a guy enough rope and he will hang himself”.

    This guy is too stupid or arrogant to realize that by continuing his attacks on various people, especially the family of the G.I. who was killed, he causes himself and his campaign more damage. He might stand a very remote chance if he would just shut the hell up. Instead, he doubles down on every stupid remark he ever makes, which are legion.

  2. Donald Trump represents the perfect example of an old saying I learned as a kid, “give a man enough rope and he will hang himself”. He is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It is actually fun to watch at this point. The only people not laughing at Trump are his fellow Republicans.

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