Today, Donald Trump visited Mexico! He did not back down. He tried to speak in a more diplomatic way, but the results were the same old Donald. In aggressive and bellicose tones he spoke to the people of Mexico in a high handed way, as if they were children and their Daddy had come to town to tell them how bad they have been.

President Theodore Roosevelt was said to have a foreign policy of speak softly and carry a big stick. He admitted to those who would listen that other countries would never love America but they would respect us.

Donald Trump would have us have another foreign policy, speak loudly and carry a big stick. He speaks loud, with a sense of vulgarity and with the other worldly tones of an Imperial America dictating terms. With his ways, America will not be loved nor respected but rather other countries will fear America.

The question of the day should be why the heck did the President of Mexico offer an invitation to Donald Trump to come to Mexico? Enrique Pena Nieto is the current President of Mexico. His presidency is struggling, his favorable numbers are down to 26%. How is his presidency helped by bringing such a controversial figure to his country? It is a mystery as to why the invitation was offered.

Trump wasted no time in continuing to express why we need a wall to protect each country. He stressed how drugs are being exported into the United States. He continued to say that the effects of NAFTA have been one sided, where Mexico has had the advantage, and how NAFTA needs to be reworked so that the United States would have the advantage.

His appearance in Mexico was a publicity stunt plain and simple. Trump by his being on the same stage as President Nieto, tried to appear Presidential. But regardless of his appearance he is still incredibly unpopular with Latinos and Hispanics back home where 75% of respondents hold a negative view of Donald Trump. His horrific poll numbers among Latino voters is unlikely to change after his appearance and speech in Mexico, today.

I prefer the politics of Teddy Roosevelt to the politics of Donald Trump. It is better to be respected than to be feared and hated. Give me speak softly and carry a big stick. No one should want to be neither loved nor respected, which is what Donald Trump’s foreign policy offers us. Welcome to the world of Donald Trump, speak loudly and carry a big stick.


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