I have just come back from a trip to England. In a way, I really needed the vacation. Here I was traveling to see my daughter and son in law in an isolated portion of jolly old England. I took comfort in the idea that I could get away from our Presidential campaign. I was good and tired of the longest and most exasperating campaign in American history. The last thing I wanted to do was to talk about Donald Trump. Well, forget it! Everyone I met wanted to talk about guess who? You’ve got it, Donald Trump.

It got darn right annoying. There was a hint of worry, in all of their questions. They wanted to be assured, that the one and only Donald Trump, would not be the next President of the United States. I patiently answered all of their questions and I did my best to convince them that Donald Trump would not be our next President.

I have just been home for the last couple of days and, again, I can not get away from the very great danger that Donald Trump represents. Yesterday was no different. First, on what should have been a good day for the Donald, he appeared on the same stage as the President of Mexico. Trump by just standing there appeared darn right presidential.

This would have been a remarkable achievement for Donald Trump. He should have quit while he was ahead. But no, later in the day, at an event for the true believers, Donald Trump in an over an hour long harangue gave the most virulent xenophobic speech I have ever heard. In what was presented as a 10 point program he proceeded to outline his program for a safe and alien free America. You would think that America was really in danger by the tone and words that Trump ranted about.

No matter how his handlers try to present Donald Trump, his speech on immigration tore away any pretense that he is presidential. He threw away his moment and showed the world who he really is. He is a man who gives his listeners reason to fear and hate those who may be different in appearance and in their religion. He time and time again preached to the choir on how dangerous any person from south of the border can be. He used people who have suffered the loss of a loved one to an illegal alien, for his political advantage.

Fact checkers I am sure had a field day. You would think that our country has been sitting idly by while we have become overrun with illegals. The fact is that this President, President Obama has deported a record amount of people. And by the way we have built a fence along the border and we have hired a record amount of border patrol agents. Our border is now 92 to 94% secure. If you think it can be 100% percent secure, you must have been smoking some of that illegal dope that came across the border.

The fact is that most Americans now realize that the most humane way of dealing with those illegal immigrants, those without papers and those individuals who have overstayed their visas, is to provide some way for them to earn their rights to become citizens of this country. No, Mr. and Mrs.America we are not going to round up 11 and one half or 12 million people and throw them out of the country. It would be a heartless task and we just don’t have the money and the manpower to accomplish this questionable goal.

We still refuse to deal with one of the key questions of reforming our current system of undocumented workers. We would rather build a wall than deal with Corporate America’s thirst for cheap labor. It would be much cheaper and much easier to make Corporate America pay dearly for hiring anyone who is illegal.

Donald Trump is a demagogue, who will use fear to drum up votes. His America would have a decidedly Western European look. Let us not kid ourselves, anyone who does not fit the look of a white America is not welcome. He really does not want any legal immigrants from any part of the world that he deems dangerous. He would use extreme vetting. Well, we all know what that all means.

I would hope that the media would reject the notion that a candidate can just bold face lie to the American people. Each time he lies they should call him out on it, so that this misinformation is not allowed to be presented to the voters as if Trump’s statements were true.

This election we have a chance to reject fear and hate. Our values as a people are much better than what the candidacy of Donald Trump represents. Let us stand together for the better angels of our nature and give hope, and dignity a chance.



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