The media clearly has a double standard for how they cover the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Why does the media require perfection from Hillary Clinton and why does the media let Donald Trump get away with anything that he wants to say without any accountability?

Let us start with the illness that Hillary Clinton has had. Pneumonia is not something to sneeze at but it is temporary. You can get over having pneumonia but in the media’s rush to pass judgment on her illness they have shown a ridiculous predeliction for sensationalism while sacrificing their journalistic standards. You can get over pneumonia but you can not get over stupidity or ignorance nor insanity.

In their flight towards fantasy, the media has played into the right wing’s attempt to portray Hillary Clinton as being seriously ill. The media has then added insult to injury by claiming that her illness and her response to it shows a lack of transparency. Perhaps the media is showing a sexist bias. Other politicians have had moments of illness without the press claiming that this is somehow indicative of a more serious physical problem. George Bush choked on food. Dwight Eisenhower had serious heart problems, Richard Nixon had serious mental problems, Ronald Reagan had at the end of his presidency alzheimer problems. But none of these illnesses had the serious clamor and urgency that has been shown with her being sick as has been the case wtih Mrs. Clinton. You would think she was dying. The right wing has a cottage industry of conspiracies where they have Hillary Clinton with AIDS, seizures indicating Parkinson’s disease and other nonsense.

The press claim that this so-called crisis shows that Mrs Clinton is not transparent because she did not immediately respond to what was going on. Come on! Can’t an old girl get sick for a moment without the press demanding comment in a few minutes. So what is a reasonable response ? Is two hours sufficient?

Now Mr. Trump on the other hand gets a pass on his tax returns even though Hillary has given the media 33 years of records. His medical report is a joke while hers is clearly there. He is going to sitdown with the Doctor from CNN, but the good doctor has promised not to ask any controversial questions.

This made up controversy about her health just shows that the press is either biased, or that they are requiring perfection from Hillary Clinton or that they just are darn right determined to make this a race worth watching. If they are asking for Hillary to be the perfect candidate, by whose standards of perfection are we using?  In fact the press is so over the top they are damaging their own image to the point where this whole show is growing old and boring.

My bet is that the campaign will not be affected one ioda by her alleged health issue. My biggest complaint is that the press owes us the responsibility of showing us what policy differences there are between the candidates and they are not doing that. It is more like the National Enquirer news than about reality. We don’t want gossip! We want the factual differences between the two candidates expressed so that we can make an informed decision on who to vote for.



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