Last night we saw and heard the first of the Hillary versus Trump presidential debates. Like the Super Bowl, we were locked in and in a can’t wait atmosphere, for the show. And what a show it was! Never before in the history of presidential debates has there been such anticipation and it was met with a record audience. If you were alone or with a crowd it was a great night for entertainment. It was not really a debate but it was entertaining. If this was a boxing match they would have called the fight a TKO in Hillary Clinton’s favor. By the end, Trump was out on his feet, a blithering blob of incoherant rantings.

For conservatives it must have been frustrating, as the Donald perhaps begining well in their eyes by attacking Hillary as an example of our failed political class.

I did not know we had a political class. If experience and knowing about how government works is a requirement to be a member of the political class, then I guess Hillary Clinton is an excellent example of a person who is experienced with the know how on what it takes to be prepared for the toughest office in the land, the presidency of the United States.

It is remarkable that anyone would want an outsider to be president. Why would anyone want a rookie, a know nothing candidate to be President? Donald Trump has never been elected to any office. He has never been tested in the arena of political problems.

He might and I use the word loosely have experience as a successful business man. Trump may indeed be a success in his world. I actually believe he lacks integrity to be a good representative of what an ethical and successful business man or woman looks like. I wonder if he has the stamina to be a successful business man at his age and weight.

We have had business people run for high office. But never once have we elected a president who has been successful who was a business man. Hoover and Cooledge come to mind. We usually elect a person who has a record either as a professional politician or as a general from the armed services.

Personally, I would rather see someone like Warren Buffet as an example of a good and proper business person.

All night long Hillary Clinton showed the world and the audience how knowledgeable she is, as she repeatedly answered the questions put to her by the moderator. She showed a nuanced level of knowledge with in depth answers in the time alloted to her. She even used humor occasionally to send Trump a heat seeking missile of dismissive sarcasm his way.

The Donald had a bad night, as he repeatedly drank water and gave these disconcerting nose noises . He frowned and gave these weird facial expressions as if her criticisms of him had struck a core, a core of anger and discomfort. You can not react in person or in a tweet as President in a manner that is emotionally disquieting.

In basebal parlance Hillary Clinton pitched a shutout. Her victory over Trump was clear for any objective observer to see.

Last night will never meet the skill level of past debates such as the first one where Kennedy and Nixon squared off in a debate of knowledge and nuance, pitting two men of definte political skills against one another.

Last night’s affair will never make us forget the skilled reparte of the Clinton, and Obama debates.

But last night will have to do for now, and we look forward to the next two debates. Perhaps next time Trump will bring his A game, if he has one. Of Hillary Clinton of this we can be certain, she knows her stuff.



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