This years campaign is like no other in the history of our country. While one candidate, Hillary Clinton is laser focused on talking about the issues, Donald Trump’s campaign is like no other. As an older American, I remember the days of Sergio Leone and the days of the spaghetti western. This campaign reminds me of one of those westerns, the Big, the Bad and the Ugly.

It is big, because Donald Trump has made it into the biggest reality show in history. His campaign is big on Lies, and big on making things up along the way. It might be a reality show but in fact his campaign is far removed from the reality that most of us are aware of. His campaign is bad and ugly, because he has taken comfort in the darkest elements of our nature. Trump has brought out the hate and ugliness of our own sense of humanity. He has played on the fear, bigotry and hatred that resides in each of us. His attitude towards women and minorities increases the racial divide and our latent and not so latent belief that somehow women are not a man’s equal. He has even talked about his sexual parts to the everlasting downfall of our political discourse.

The bad is that this campaign for the presidency has absolutely no redeeming or positive aspects when it comes to competing ideas. This campaign for the presidency is by far the longest campaign in our history. It’s length has not been to anyones benefit except for the greater profits that the media has gotten as a result of letting this joke of a candidate, Donald Trump, have a greater audience.

His audacious and gross statements are calculated to get the most headlines. Trump has guaranteed himself the headline of the day by saying what is supposed to be politically incorrect. We are finding out why these kind of comments were politically incorrect in the first place because they are in bad taste and insulting.

The media for the most part has failed we the people by allowing lies to be told each day without any indication from the press that they have some responsibility in this sordid affair. It is the old style pressmen like Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather who remind us of what responsible journalism is all about.

We are finding out what the result of Trump’s insane and inane comments have become as the major Republican newspapers of the day have with few exceptions repudiated Donald Trump’s candidacy. They have all recognized the danger that his candidacy represents to all of us. These newspapers all have one thing in common, they all recognize that he does not have the temperament to be president of the United States.

The ugly is that Donald Trump is nothing but a disgusting individual who is unfit to be President. His family, I am sure, loves him, but he has not shown any redeeming quality to indicate that he is ready for prime time. If you want a racist, homophobe, xenophobic, fascist who is also sees women as someone to be villified, than he is your candidate. In his world you must have the look to be praised as a woman. He objectifies women, and fails to recognize women as his equal. No one who can send out tweets about a former Miss Universe, condemning her for her weight during a key moment of his campaign can be treated as a serious candidate.

There are serious issues that Mr. Trump could have used to uplift this campaign to educate the American people about. He could have made it interesting by having a serious discussion about trade and protectionism. But no he has spent his time and energy talking about a gold star family and a former Miss Universe. How silly and stupid is that ?

So far the only newspapers of any major nature that have endorsed his candidacy are the New York Post and the National Enquirer, and it is higly questionable if the Enquirer is an actual newspaper or just a gossip column.

Perhaps the only real choice that we have as a nation is between Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson. Each of those two candidates represents a view of government and how it should be used. Donald Trump is not a Republican, he is a reality star.

For all of you out there who want a businessman as a candidate, beware, Donald Trump is not an example of an ethical business person. If you want a good role model for a businessman look somewhere else. A man like the Oracle of Omaha is more like it, Warren Buffet represents the best in a business person not the worst. There must be someone out there, who would be a good representative of what a businessman should look like. Trump is more like a vulture capitalist, or an unscrupulous business person who will screw anyone who he faces in his world of competition. It is far different to be a successful business person than to be a person who would be good in government, each area of expertise requires a different skill set.

Government should never be all about the money. Government has a sincere and serious responsibility to provide and promote the general welfare of we the people. That is what it says in the Constitution, and that is the solumn responsibility that a servant of the people has in performing the awesome task of being the President of the United States.

The time is drawing near, when we will vote and decide who will be President. We must say no to the candidate, Donald Trump, who only represents the big, the bad and the ugly of our inner souls.




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