In a debate that will never be compared to the Kennedy-Nixon debate, nor the Lincoln-Douglas debate. Last nights affair was the X-rated version of our political discourse.

The first question offered by an audience member set the tone of the debate and made you wonder if children should be allowed to watch the debate for their classroom in the morning. The debate was definitely not for virgin ears.

If you thought that a debate could not get any lower in class than the first debate, you were quickly proved wrong. In a surprising turn of events, Donald Trump tried to turn around his sexist remarks that he made 11 years ago, into an attack on Bill Clinton. Sorry to remind our audience but Bill is not a candidate for President this year, a Mr. Trump is. Trump tried to excuse his behavior by saying it was all a locker room situation where boys were being boys. His lame apology failed to recognize that his words were indicative of what he is like in private, the real Donald Trump.

No one is excusing Bill Clinton’s past behavior. But Donald Trump was attempting to have Hillary Clinton be victimized by what had happened before. That is like having a rape victim relive the rape.

Hillary Clinton was Presidential. She did not engage in this kind of low class banter by repeating what Michele Obama had said during the convention. When they go low, she said, we go high. Over and over again, Hillary Clinton did not stoop to the lowest common denominator and continued to answer the questions that were serious questions about issues that people are concerned about, put to her by the audience and by the moderators.

What was quite clear and disturbing was the attempt by Donald Trump to intimidate her by stalking her. Instead of sitting on his chair or standing by it, he moved right behind her, repeatedly, almost to within an elbows length of her. But Hillary was not fazed by this tactic. You could almost sense that she was asking herself is he still behind me. This tactic is often used by sexual assault perpetrators who try to control and intimidate the women they are attempting to violate.

In Trump’s inquistition of Hillary, he reminded the viewer of a modern day Joseph McCarthy. He stood there, asking Hillary to disprove a negative, a negative that was not based in fact but in innuendo and falsehoods. His supporters gleefully support this strategy because it fulfills the frustrations of women who resented the fact that Hillary stood by her man and is still married, and it fulfills the ego of men who fool around and would prefer blaming the woman for the man fooling around. If one takes notice Trump accusses his opponent not only in the general election of the kind of behavior he exemplifies and now he accuses Hillary of being a sociopath. This is obliviously a ploy to deflect attention from his own bad behavior.

My hope is that Trump’s behavior regarding women will no longer be accepted as somehow okay. Boys may be boys, but men, gentlemen do not treat women with such disrespect.

Donald Trump even went as far as to use the tactic that teapot dictators use by promising to put his opponent in jail if he should win.

Repeatedly, Donald Trump refused to answer the questions put to him. It took Anderson Cooper three attempts to have Donald Trump answer the question about whether or not his actions would amount to a crime of sexual assault.

What was not that surprising was that when the conversation turned to taxes, tax experts said that the tax plan that Donald Trump put forward would benefit him financially.

The debate illustrated the worst aspects of Trump’s campaign. He was obnoxious, and continued to pander to his base as he continued the hate, bigotry and fear mongering of the last year or so.

Hillary Clinton showed her knowledge and expertise on many issues. She was calm and clear headed amidst the storm of unproven lies that Donald Trump threw her way. Hillary Clinton showed her strength and resolve and proved to all who were watching how well she can handle herself under the most trying of circumstances.

The debate was an awful display of sexual overtones, with an angry man, Mr. Trump being an obnoxious and rude and crude and down right disgusting man, not fit to be President of not only the United States but President of any organization or entity.

The election is over except for the counting of the ballots. Trump is done, stick a fork in him, his campaign is awash in a downward spiral of continuing controversies. The Republican Party just does not know what the damage will be to their party and to their future. They nominated him and they will have to live with the consequences of this most embarrassing of decisions.


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