Today, Newt Gingrich warned his fellow Republicans to vote for Donald Trump, no matter what. In doing so, Gingrich told his audience that if you did not vote for Trump, Hillary Clinton would become President of the United States.

For many Americans, Gingrich offers us a false choice. Americans have a habit, election after election, they go to the polls and vote for the same political party that they have voted for their whole lives. It is almost by rote, by some knee jerk reaction, that no matter what you vote the party line. Often it is the political party your father or mother voted for. But my fellow Americans there is something more important than party preference. What is most important is what is best for the country.

This election is different. We have a moral duty to our country to vote for the candidate who is ready to be President. We have a horrible choice, in candidate Trump, he is without doubt a candidate who is unprepared emotionally to be President.

Trump would have you believe that he is an outsider and that the establishment is against him. My friends, and fellow Americans, it is not that he is an outsidet, the reason for many Republicans going against the candidacy of Donald J.Trump is that he is just plain unqualified to be President.


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