Some of our elections have been about issues and policy, but this is not one of them. Voters often choose the candidate that they like the most. If you believe the hype neither candidate is well liked by the majority of voters. For many Americans the result of this election will be determined by who represents who we are as a people the best. The winner of this election will be the candidate who truly represents the true values that our country is based upon.

We have a true divide in our country. Are we the nation of love and kindness that we think we are?

We have two forces at work today. One side of the ledger believes that we are stronger together than we are apart and divided. We are a nation of immigrants. We see ourselves as a country where each citizen should enjoy all of the rights and priviledges of being a citizen of the United States. This includes the right to be have equal treatment before the law, and that we are a nation where we all deserve an equality opportunity to be anything we want to be in life with no disqualifications but the limit of our ability. We are a tolerant people, tolerant of those who are different than we are. We respect those who have a different religion and those who have no religion. We respect those who have a different sexual preference. Above all we recognize and acknowledge that women are our equal and that they should be treated with respect and dignity.

Hillary Clinton may not be the perfect candidate. Her problems and the problems that we see within her campaign are all a part of what is wrong with the way we do business in our campaigns. Money is the evil that we continue to wrestle with and its influences. She has and she does represent what is good with America. She will seek to improve our lives as she has attempted to do her whole career. She embodies the hopes and dreams of little girls to grown women in her quest to be the first woman president of the United States.

Trump will rue the day that he called Hillary a nasty woman. Each woman who votes will now take into the voting booth the phrase and the meaning behind what Trump has said about women.

There are those who think differently than Hillary Clinton. There are those who stand for the worst in us and shall seek to extend racism, sexism, bigotry towards their fellow man. They are angry about their station in life and they will seek to blame others for their failures in life. Yes, there are those who support Trump who have received a raw deal. They have lost their jobs because of a changing world where manufacturing moved to a cheaper labor market. These jobs will never come back.

Donald Trump represents those who would pit each of us against each other, he would divide us along class lines, he would divide us along religious grounds, and he would seek to divide us along racial grounds. And no,  homosexuals are not going to hell because they are homosexuals.

This is indeed a different election than any that we have ever seen. This election has seen the Republican Party split apart. We have seen the anger amidst the rallies for Donald Trump. We have seen his railing against the Press, because they report the news, not the way Trump would like to see it reported, but we have seen his attempt to make the Press the enemy. No matter how you try to paper over what has happened we have seen Donald Trump seek to divide us into different groups and camps. His is an America, that we have seen rejected over time, as we are no longer an America of white priviledge. He has fanned the flames of intolerance, encouraging hate and distrust. He has even gone as far as to question the legitimacy of his rival in the contest to see who is president. He has not just questioned her right to run for office he has for the first time, announced his right to question the outcome of the election. This is un-American and it goes against everything we have stood for as a nation when it comes to having a peaceful transistion of power from one person to the next. Of course, if he wins he will accept the legitimacy of the process.

My fellow citizens this election is a clarion call for all of us to stand up and be counted with our votes. We must make it clear for all to see that we recognize those hallowed values that have made America the greatest country on earth. From our very beginnings we were all immigrants. These shores have presented challenges to all who have come to our country. We are a people who have shown our generosity, and our love to our fellow human beings. We have grown and evolved to accept those who are different. Yes, we also have shown our ugly side, as on occasion we have not been so loving to our fellow man. We had slavery but we overcame it. We had racial injustice that we are still attempting to overcome, through and by the grace of God we will overcome. But all in all we are a great and generous people, these are our values. Our values are what make us unique and different from other countries. This is why this election is so different. We are being called upon to reject the dark angels of our nature and reject the candidacy of Donald Trump. It is my profound hope that we come together as Americans this election and thereby send a message of who we are as a people. We need to show the world what we value the most. Let us show the world the better angels of our nature. This is why this election counts and it does count for something, this election is about who we are as Americans.


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