This is the last day before the end of the longest campaign in American history. We are about to hear the last of the speeches, as each candidate prepares to make it’s final and closing argument to the American people on why they should be elected President of the United States. For me it is about who will be the best President for our country, it is not about who is the best candidate, but rather it is about who will do the best job for our country, for all Americans. The choice was an easy one, my choice and my vote will be for Hillary Clinton.

First, let me thank all of those who ran for the highest office in the land, it takes courage and tenacity to do so. Running for office is not for everyone. You need to have a thick skin, as the slings and arrows of criticism are going to come your way. Your life story will be picked apart and looked at. Nothing is a secret anymore, your life is not your own, your life is now part of the process in determining who the American people will trust with the awesome responsibility of being President and the leader of the free world.

In making my decision I look less at a person’s personality than I do what policies the individual will bring forward to lead our nation in the future. In making my decision, Hillary Clinton, offers by far the best ideas that will lead our nation into the future.

Part of the anger that exists in our country relates to the issue of income inequality. It is hard to feel good about life if you work hard and you are still living in poverty. Giving America a raise is critically important. More Americans will feel better about things if they have more money in their pockets. Hillary Clinton wants to raise the minimum wage to between $12 and 15 dollars an hour. We need a raise!

We need to rebuild America! Our infrastructure is crumbling. Hillary Clinton will work hard to pass legislation to where we can rebuild our roads and highways. We need to make our bridges safe to pass over and we need to work on modernizing our airports and connecting the energy grid. We also need to improve the safety of our old and creeky dams. Working on improving our infrastructure will guarantee high wage jobs for millions of Americans for a long time.

Hillary Clinton is the one and only candidate for President who recognizes how important it is to meet the greatest challenge of our era, climate change. Words are inadequate to describe how important it is to meet this challenge. We are living at a time when climate volatility is the norm and not the exception. Meeting this challenge presents America with a great opportunity as well, as America can be a leader in alternative energy.  Green jobs can and will offer Americans the chance for new jobs in new fields such as solar and wind, as well as other opportunities as well in jobs that we have not even thought of.

Hillary’s tax plan offers Americans a much fairer system where the rich will pay there fair share. States such as Minnesota and California have shown the enormous opportunity for growth that exists if we only had the courage to tax those at the highest income bracket a little more so that we would have more revenue and we would be able to pay for those things that we so desperately need in this country.

Young people are our future and we need to do something about student debt. This can and will be done under a Clinton Presidency. It is unfair and wrong to saddle the future of America with interest rates on their student loans that are way out of line in relation to the interest rates that are charged to someone who let us say wants to buy a home.

If we accomplish just these goals, America will be so much better for it. We need to concentrate on improving the lives of all Americans.

There are many more reasons to vote for Hillary. It will be a great accomplishment to have the first woman President. It is long overdue. The election of Barrack Obama gave hope to people of color as he became the first minority President. The election of Hillary Clinton will give hope to every little girl in this country that that they , too, could become President of the United States. This would be no small achievement.

It is important to note that when we elect a President, the person we elect, does not need to be the person we would like to have a beer with. Personally, I prefer a nice glass of wine, but the point is that we do not need to like the person but rather we need to choose a person to be President who would actually be prepared to do the job. Being President is the most difficult job in the world.

I will proudly and without any reservation cast my vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the next President of the United States.



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