In the biggest upset in American political history Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States. The nightmare continues!

What happened November 8th, 2016 will go down in infamy as being the worst event to befall the United States since the founders began our nation. This is no time to mince words. The election of Donald Trump is the equivalent of America electing Adolph Hitler in 1932. There will be no headlines to proclaim that this has all been a horrible mistake. Harry Truman will not come to rescue us. The mighty Casey has struck out. America’s embarrassment is now the world’s. The nation is divided and the question is whether or not we shall be still standing when all has been said and done. Mr. Franklin do we no longer have a Republic?

It is quite true what Van Jones of CNN said last night in his eloquent statement about the election. What we saw last night was a white lash, plain and simple. White America sent us a message last night. They have had it with social change. They want to get off the MerryGoRound of social justice and equal rights and return to an America of 1957. Fear and hate won the election last night, and lies were the handmaidens of their victory.

While half of America has been happy with the changing face of America, white America has rejected those changes with a rousing chorus of anger and hate. The social changes that we have seen such as marriage equality, abortions, no prayer in school, equal rights for all Americans has been met by the revulsion of half of our country.

The ideas and message of a black President and the hoped for opportunity of having the first woman President have been rejected by half of the nation. We must remember as go forward into the darkness of what will be Trump World, that a hole lot of people voted to elect Hillary Clinton.

We need to understand that fear of terrorism, fear of outsiders, fear of a religion and a fear of change in an ever changing America to where the white population will no longer be dominant heaped it’s last measure of scorn and revenge on a changing country onto the rest of us, in what amounted to be the last hurrah of white power, and man power.

To be sure, America has shown through its history a distinct fact, that when a President of one party has been elected to serve two terms it is very rare indeed that the incumbant’s party wins a third term. It has happened with the election of Martin Van Buren back in the early 19th century and it happend twice in the 20th century with the election of Harry Truman in 1948 and it happened one other time when George Bush was elected in 1988. But knowing that historical fact does not help us wake up from the national nightmare that we have awakened to on November the 9th of 2016. Donald Trump is the President elect. We have elected a man who is the polar opposite of Barrack Obama. Instead of soaring language we will get bombast and lies. If the election of the first minority President was one of our finest hours, we have more than made up for it by electing a man who represents the worst in us.

Regretfully we may have to borrow the same tactics that the Republicans have used so successfully to thwart every move that President Obama tried to make. We must use the rules of the Senate to our advantage. Cloture will now be our friend and the filibuster will be our allie.

We are being asked to join hands and forget our differences, and somehow work together, for those who are with Trump and for those who totally feel alienated by what Trump represents. It is not going to happen. We are a house divided against itself. There will be no Lincolnesque moment to save the day. We are irrevocably divided. One side of this divide is like from Venus while the rest of us is from Mars. We are so different from each other that there will be no papering over the differences of a truly divided country. In Abraham Lincoln’s day have the nation was slave and half the nation was not. A great Civil War was the result of our differences. We can not accept what the world of Donald Trump offers us. We will not accept or give into hate and fear. Our diversity is what makes us strong as a nation. We must continue the fight for economic and social justice. We will never give up nor will we give in to racial injustice. In the Halls of Congress we must fight the forces of injustice with every ounce of strength that we have or perish in the fight.

Donald Trump may have won the election last night. But in our defeat we must stand tall and resolute and fight on, with all of our strength, we need to fight on to another day and another election, when we will be victorious over the forces of fear and hate. This is not the end of the story but merely just the beginning. We must fight to insure that fascism does not win. We will not go quietly into that dark night.


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