The media likes to overdramatize things, after all, that is how they grab attention and sell newspapers. The Democratic Party is not in crisis. In fact the Democratic Party is in good health, thank you! The Democratic Party is in transition, which often happens after an election.

Hillary Clinton lost the election even though she received the most votes, but as the loser, her wing of the party is out of favor and the young turks of the left wing of the party are about to gain control of the Democratic Party.

Larry Ellison has not accepted the position of DNC Chair, but he is the heavy favorite to do so. He has the backing of Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer.

The Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party is about to take charge and the revolution will continue. The future of the party will be in the hands of those who seek economic justice, those who seek to stress the importance of the economic inequality that America now faces. Some may think that this is a revolutionary change but in reality it is only a return to the progressive roots of the party that Franklin Delano Roosevelt represented.

Elizabeth Warren will be the leader of this movement as well as Bernie Sanders. She will be an excellent spokesperson for the cause of the fight against bigotry, the fight against the unfairness of the system and how things are stacked up against us. She is the champion of the consumer and the Middle Class; a true champion who will stress solutions instead of empty promises. With her 30 years of having taught Constitutional Law at Harvard we will have a person who will a champion of the Constitution. The Constitution will be what we will be protecting and the critically important fact that all Americans are equal under the Constitution. We could not have a better champion!



  1. You are so correct, Gar.
    Hillary needed to visit the rust belt states. They felt neglected, the unions, and I am a union member don’t have a clue what their members think. the leaders went their convention and decided who to support. The rank and file did not agree, but the officers were not listening. I voted for Hillary, she was not my first choice, I voted for her, but did not support her. I sent money to the campaigns that Bernie recommended. We will see what happens in ’18, if we can’t get progressives out to vote then nothing changes, there are way to many Americans that don’t have a fire in their bellies when it comes to voting. Keep the stories coming.

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