Last night on 60 Minutes, the new and improved version of the Trump family was brought out. It was time for the Charm Offensive. Like the Munster family of old on television, Trump came out and tried repackaging the old snake charmer into a charming and much nicer version, something more likable, the warm and fuzzy version of a monster in disguise. We are asked to buy this new and nice Donald Trump. He’s really not going to do all of these mean things he said he was going to do.

After all, he tried to explain when asked about a special prosecutor regarding the Clinton’s that the Clinton’s were nice people, and that he did not want to do anything to hurt them. Too late, the damage is done, they are a pariah to millions of people.

Let’s face it my fellow Americans we have been had. The ultimate outsider has hired as his chief of staff an insider. Trump scorned lobbyists but now hires them because that is supposedly all we have to choose from.

Beware of the Orange Man! He really is no different than he was during the campaign. He is just making nice now. Hold onto your hat, your freedoms and your wallet. He is the false profit personified.

The thing is that we are liable to buy it. Most of us, just try to live each day as it comes, by working hard, and attempting to put food on the table. We are just trying to get by. Politics is for someone else. We vote occasionally. We don’t really put much thinking into it. Change is the new or old thing, we are told that we need to drain the swamp to try anything to get a different result from Washington. So this time, this election we bought into buying what sounded good. Let us just elect an outsider with no experience in Washington for the biggest most important job in the world. After all he couldn’t do any worse than what we have had. Wrong!

One of Donald Trump’s first tactics was to convince the evangelicals that he was one of them, one of their own. Their hero was Ronald Reagan. But even Reagan could not or would not over turning Roe V. Wade. So here we are, with Donald Trump dangling the carrot of ending all abortions. This was his promise to the evangelical Christians, that he Donald Trump would be the one to end abortions and protect the lives of the unborn. They pretend that he is God’s instrument. How sick is that as his life is anything but a life of morality. They bought into the ultimate false profit. They have been conned.

Now, if you were listening last night, remember what he said about illegal immigrants. Now instead of 11 million people, he was talking about 2 million dangerous drug lords and just bad people that need to be removed. Wake up and smell the coffee! But you had better make sure the coffee is real and not fake.


One response to “BEWARE OF FALSE GODS!

  1. Hang on to your wallet the pick pockets are on the loose. The worst of the worst are about to bankrupt the world. I wonder how many will die worldwide, and who will be left.

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