The transition between the Obama administration and the future Trump administration moves forward as if America will ever be normal again. Every one is making all the right and proper statements of how we all going to work together to help insure that the Trump administration is a success, because if it is then it will be good for America. Hold on a second! Ronald Reagan once warned us about an adversary of ours that we should trust but verify. In the case of Donald Trump we should hope that things will work out but we need to verify by having his actions speak volumes rather than believe anything that he has said. Perhaps we are just going through the motions of transitioning from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, but we must see what actually happens before we can breathe a sigh of relief. Things are not normal and perhaps they never will be normal again.

Trump’s choice of Steve Bannon as chief political advisor gives all of us a reason to pause and wonder what the heck is going on. Bannon’s history is well known. As the head of Breitbart he has given his opinions on a lot of issues. Bannon is neither right wing nor left wing but rather he would evidently be someone completely different, a person who would inflame the passions of many citizens as he is the purveyor of conspiracies and dark motives. He would by all indications be Donald J. Trump’s minister of propaganda, his own Joseph Goebbels. Bannon would undoubtedly continue to foment anger and hate, if we are to accept the notion that he would continue on the course of his past statements. Your appointments reflect who you are. If this is to be the new normal, we must reject this, and speak loudly and clearly that this type of person is totally unacceptable.

There is a difference between being a candidate and a President. You may very well be a terrific candidate and do all the things necessary to win the race to the White House. Once you become President, you have a totally different responsibility. You are supposed to be the President of all of the people. After all, the President is the only elected official who is voted on by all of the people, by people from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

There is a reason to be scared! We just do not know what a Donald J. Trump presidency will be like. So far, our president elect has not given us a reason to be hopeful. He has chosen as his chief political advisor someone who will continue to inflame the fires of racism, and sexism. Although our political leaders are all making the right sounds regarding coming together, it all comes down to whether or not this soon to be President intends on respecting the office that we should all respect.



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