Saturday, January 21st, 2017, a remarkable thing happened, a historic demonstration occurred, worldwide, with record breaking numbers of women and some men and children participating. The established politicians should take note, this was a fairly spontaneous demonstration that took place with an estimated 3. 2 million participants. A movement has begun!

While the men of the grand old, really old, white dominated, Republican Party headed by that iconoclast President Trump, offers America a dark, false and foreboding vision of America, women led the way in holding out a vision that is far different than the one we heard in the inaugural address.

The massive rallies that took place not only in cities but also in smaller towns and even in Antarctica gave us a vision and a different reality of what America truly is. We are a diverse people of many colors and faiths, bound together by hope and common decency. Equality is what they seek.

Equality is not too much to ask. It is high time that each person should be treated with respect. No one is born better than anyone else. We are all God’s creatures.

What is dynamic about what occurred Saturday is that among those who attended the rallies across this great land, candidates for office will rise and demand to be heard as a result of the protest Saturday. Our future leaders will come about as a result of this outpouring of emotion and steadfast determination that we will not go back but move forward in this country and throughout the world.

The Democratic Party will be the recipient and beneficiary of this movement. The new blood of fired up women will fill the roles of candidates on every level. A farm team of leaders will be the result. Men watch out, you are about to get some competition!

Washington D.C., down to the offices of City Council will see a new day, where the comfort of incumbency will no longer be very comforting. America can only benefit from the competition of new voices eager to serve the people.

Too often we find politicians more interested in serving themselves at the public’s expense. We want candidates who want to serve the public, we the people, more than they want to serve themselves.

Years ago now, John F. Kennedy challenged each of us to serve our country in any way that we could. Now as a new generation rises, women will rise as well to challenge all of us to do better, to be more inclusive, to be more fair and compassionate to one another, to challenge the awful and dark side of man regarding racism and sexism.

Let’s have a shout out for those who turned out for the march and for those who share their views but who could not attend. A new day has dawned. Things will never be the same.   Amen!


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