Just yesterday it came to me when President Trump and Netanyahu held their joint press conference that President Trump reminds me of Chance the Gardener in the movie “BEING THERE.” Now don’t get me wrong, Chance was an innocent in the movie. People saw in Chance what they wanted to see. In most cases they saw what they thought was a wise man who just wanted to plant a garden in the spring.

When President Trump was asked about the Middle East and Israel, he responded by saying that a two state solution was good and that a single state solution was fine as well. Well, Trump did not want to disappoint anyone so he covered all of the bases by not displeasing anyone. One state or a two state solution is pleasing to everyone because all is possible if either one of the choices is in fact possible. He is the Chance the gardener of Presidents except that he is not an innocent, he is not asking us to plant a garden in the spring but rather he offers all of us a world divided. It is as if he is angry at the establishment on all fronts so that whomever he chooses to run a cabinet post or what he has done to expound these executive orders, he has chosen a path that will wreak havoc and destroy the values that we have held dear for some time. He is the Destroyer in chief, he is the President who believes in these fringe conspiracy theories. If he is allowed to continue to be President he could very well destroy our world as we know it.

Thus far, President Trump is giving President Warren G. Harding a run for his money when it comes down to being inept and unfit for the job of President. At least Harding admitted that he was not qualified for the job.

These first few weeks of the Trump administration have not exactly filled the American people with confidence, that he can do the job. On the national security front the administration has at a minimum shown the world that at this point in time, they are dysfunctional.

The American people deserve to know the extent of the relationship between President Trump and the Russians. Some people are throwing around the word treason, but we are not at war. If the allegations of wrong doing are true, Donald Trump may not be guilty of treason, but at a minimum his dealings with Putin have put our own interests in jeopardy if in fact Donald Trump is being used by the Russians. Are there embarrassing videos out there that the Russians can use to extort concessions from Trump? It seems hard to believe that Flynn would have acted alone, knowing how close the relationship between Trump and Flynn has been.

The movies have had “Being There,” and “Conan the Barbarian,” do we now have Donald the Destroyer, in office, who is possibly destined to destroy us all while he tweets away.


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