The Russian affair between Russia, Donald Trump and some of his closest advisers, promises to be the biggest scandal in American history.

Watergate was a third rate burglary, that Richard Nixon, mistakenly tried to cover up. The Teapot Dome scandal was about money and oil.

None of these past events holds a candle to what would be considered a bad, John LeCarre novel, with spies, intrigue, potential secret videos, and the likelihood that Russia colluded with Donald Trump to effect the outcome of the 2016 election.

The FBI, and the intelligence community are at this very moment conducting a thorough investigation that will hopefully come to an accurate conclusion.

The Russian involvement in our election is not a partisan issue. It is an issue that really goes to what is really patriotic and fair regarding our electoral process. So far the House of Representatives does not appear to have gotten the message that America wants to know the extent of the involvement of the Russians into our domestic affairs, and to determine, no matter who might be affected, the truth of what happened.

The United States Senate appears to be awakening to the reality that this whole episode needs to be thoroughly investigated. It is not just about what Russia did to effect our election that is important it is the entire relationship between President Trump and V. Putin that must be vetted. Has President Trump allowed his business dealings with Russia to cloud his judgment in how we deal with what has been our traditional foe for many, many years? The most important thing in Donald J. Trump’s life is the art of the deal. How much money is in it for him? Is Trump indebted to the Russian oligarchs? There are numerous questions that the American people need to know the answer to.

President Nixon found out that no one is above the law, not even the President of the United States.

We do know this, President Trump likes to insult everyone, but it is very curious that he has never had a bad thing to say about Putin. He admires Putin. There is nothing to admire about the Russian leader unless you like dictators and murderers.

It is quite convenient of Trump to benignly claim that we should have better relations with Russia. But all Americans need to know if the Russians are using extortion to get their way. Are their embarrassing videos that the Russians have hanging over President Trump’s head?

It has now coming to light, that an agreement to do away with the sanctions against Russia, was in place. But the controversy regarding General Flynn blew up and he had to resign, preventing this agreement from being announced.

Putin has quite a history. A former KGB agent who has reputedly used murder to eliminate opponents and journalists who dare publicize any news that does not portray Putin in a favorable light.

Putin has supported far right groups in recent years to gain politically in his struggles against the west. The far right parties that he has funded and supported include the Bulgarian Staka Party, the Alternative in Germany, In France the National Front, the Freedom Party in Austria, Italy and their Northern League, the Independent Party in Greece and in the fascist county of Hungary, the Jobbik Party. He is cleverly using politics as a sphere where he might gain a victory over current sanctions by convincing the people of each of these countries that it is to their interests to support Russia.

Putin and Russia have used military conquest to gain influence and power. First it was by supporting both financially and otherwise,  South Ossetta near the free state of Georgia. Then Putin marched into the Crimea and when he did so he sounded just like Hitler, giving the excuse that a lot of Russians lived there. Next up on Putin’s hit parade was the Ukraine. It should not be a surprise to anyone that the community of nations decided to put sanctions on Russia as a response to Russia’s aggression.

In order to satisfy the Russian bear, is President Trump willing to do anything to earn the approval and praise of Putin? Aggression must be met with firmness. If the freedom of others is the price that we must pay to be friends with Russia, that is too high of a price to pay. Freedom is far more valuable than any amount of money from any deal that Trump may benefit from. The honor and prestige of the United States is on the line.

We must not allow President Trump to be the appeaser in chief. One Neville Chamberlain in history was enough. At least Chamberlain had good intent. He had hoped that peace could be achieved if only Hitler’s thirst for living space could be satisfied. Trump has yet to prove that the United States has anything to gain by turning our backs on the people of these many countries that Putin has his eyes on.

Let us hope that a thorough investigation will take place to see what the full extent of the relationship of our President and Putin actually is and let the chips fall as they may!


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