Joseph Goebbels would be proud! Here we are not even 100 days into the Trump presidency and our leader has his followers believing in alternative facts and conspiracies. It is a great tactic to distract the voters away from the actual goings on of the Trump administration. Goebbels became famous for telling the big lie, and to tell it often enough that people believed the lie.

The latest lie and the biggest lie of the bunch is that the former President, President Obama wiretapped Trump Towers. Most people realize that the statement made by Trump in one his tweets is just not true. Then Trump doubled down and alleged that the British Secret Service did the spying for Obama. There is no evidence to support his claim but then facts are not exactly part of the mode of operation of this President. Trying to prove that a negative is false makes these types of claims particularly exasperating. He is there to provide whatever fantasy people might have and to encourage the conspiracy of the moment.

But to be quite frank with you, people who follow Trump believe him. In point of fact, the most important thing for the faithful Trump voter is that they get theirs. They want their former jobs back. If they get their jobs back, Trump could stand on his head naked for all that they care.

Whatever garbage that President Trump spews is liable to be believed whether it is that President Obama was born in Kenya or Mars, they just believe whatever nonsense the President says. It is a lot easier to blame others than it is to accept responsibility for part of their own fate.  They want to blame others, just like the followers of another Fuhrer did when it came to blaming the Jews for their problems.

Now it is the Muslims and the people of color that are to blame for everything. And let us not forget women who seem to know longer know their place.

What if the jobs that Trump promised do not come back? What if the real problem is robotics. Robots do not get tired!

We shall see what effect the Trump Care health plan will have on his support.  If passed Trump care would have had the most adverse affects on those from the age of 45 to 64. Their premiums would skyrocket. This demographic should be Trump voters.

In the meantime like the Fuhrer before him, we shall see what will happen. Will a war pull his chestnuts out of the fire? A war is often used to bring people together in support of their country. That is what is so dangerous about a Trump Presidency, we just do not know what will come next. His plan is to make our military so big and scary that according to Trump no one will mess with us. Will we take comfort in the notion that the only super power in the world will most likely not hesitate to use our power for good or evil?



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