Republicans have found out the hard way that it is a lot easier to be against things than it is to govern. For Donald J. Trump, he is finding out that it is far more difficult and time consuming to work with politicians to iron out an agreement than it is to sell a project where we are talking about how much money can be made. It takes skill to iron out an agreement. What is really needed is a politician, who understands how the system works.

In point of fact, when you are dealing with Republicans you are not dealing with politicians in the main, but rather ideologues. The so-called Freedom Caucus is a case in point where they are only interested in accomplishing their goal of ending government as we know it. They claim to want limited government but it is difficult to see what role they see for government other than dealing with foreign relations, and even then they would rather see America withdraw from the world stage. There still might be some Republicans that still understand that deal making has more to do with compromise than it does with standing on principles. If each side of an argument decided to stand their ground and insist on their principles being the only and correct ideas it is difficult to see any agreement on any issue. But therein might lie the point to where government would have very little effect on our lives.

Our forefathers, the greatest generation understood that what is of paramount importance is what is best for the country . There were not obsessed with winning or rather winning at all costs. Winning might be everything in sports but evidently these so-called politicians have forgotten the sweet science of the art of politics. Sam Rayburn and Lyndon Johnson really understood the art of politics and how to make a deal.

We have a rookie as President who really does not understand what it takes to get the best deal possible. He is dealing with Washington and not New York . He is on a learning curve. But what he really wants to do is to have the authority to get things done without Congress or the courts getting in the way. He has an authoritarian personality, who emulates Mussolini every day when he struts around with his jaw jutting out. He is posing for the cameras.

The resistance continues in our country to the rank fascism that we see each day. We are getting more and more involved each day in Syria. Maybe number 45 is hoping that a war will save his bacon from the increasing scrutiny that he is receiving each day for his and his supporters connections with the Russians. Let the investigation go forward and let it go where it will proceed without any politicians trying to cover up the truth.


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