Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief! We survived President Trump’s first 100 days and we have lived to tell about it.  You know that things are not good when you consider yourself lucky to still be alive.

I know that the President is trumpeting his hugely successful first 100 days, but I am not impressed nor are the American people impressed. President Trump is suffering from the worst poll numbers of any new President in the history of polling.

Let us try to be objective in our analysis. His list of accomplishments include 28 executive orders, and the successful confirmation of a supreme court justice. His legislative accomplishments meaning what legislation has been passed by working with Congress since he took office. Zero!

The presentation of an executive order does not say much because the effects could very well be temporary as the next President could revoke the previous order.

Trump can not blame the Democratic Party because his political party, the Republican Party holds a large majority in the House of Representatives and a working majority in the Senate. If you hold such majorities which are the largest in recent history for Republicans it is hard to blame anyone but themselves by not figuring out how to govern. You have to go back to the 1920’s to find a comparable majority for the Republican Party. It was a period in history when we also saw the public willing to give a business man a chance at governing.

For Trump’s political base this has been a trying time, in that some of them actually believed that Trump would be loathe to get involved in other countries problems. After all he campaigned on the premise of America first. Voters took his promise seriously and for them his bombing of Syria and his calls for action against North Korea and his bellicose behavior towards Iran has many having second thoughts. After all, it is hard to put the rebuilding of America first if we are at war.

How hard would it have been for President Trump to start his time in office by putting together a really great plan to rebuild America by working on our crumbling infrastructure? He could have even gained Democratic support and he would have gained the eternal gratitude of many living in the Rust Belt and in other states by helping to provide good paying jobs. Our roads and bridges are literally falling apart. Our dams need repair. Our airports need upgrading. Literally millions of Americans would be working on jobs that pay well. Not some job that is a service job at barely a minimum wage but jobs that are really meaningful not just in the amount you would be paid for but the pride of rebuilding America would be a shot in the arm.

But no, what have we seen thus far in the Trump Presidency? We have seen an attempt at building a wall that is far more expensive than we were told it would be. After all, we were told that Mexico would pay for it. I have seen estimates that the wall will cost from 30 to 70 billion dollars. I know a billion dollars does not seem to mean as much as it used to but still it is a lot of money for a wall, that a good ladder and a good tunnel could circumvent.

Then President Trump attempted to pass Trump care. He is still trying and by trying so hard he has broken his promise to make sure that we do not return to the days when having a pre-existing condition would either disqualify you for insurance or make the insurance so expensive that few could afford it.

Now, just this week he has promised to pass a tax reform bill that would be guaranteed to help he and his cronies the most. His plan is not revenue neutral as it requires the economy to grow by 6%. Yes, the corporate tax rate would become 15% and there would be no estate taxes any longer. So who do you think that would help the most? You guessed it! It would help President Trump and his friendly millionaire and billionaires the most by enriching them to the tune of millions of dollars. If the goal of his tax plan is to diminish the middle class by saddling them with more debt, he will have succeeded.

When will the good people who relied on then candidate Trump’s promises to help make their life better wake up to the reality that they have been had? They have been lied to. But then this President does not believe in facts, he believes in an alternative universe where only his statements are true and real facts are diminished by blaming the media for spreading the awful and incredibly bad real honest to goodness facts that only succeed in making his world uncomfortable.

In a little reported fact, President Trump put a tariff on soft wood products from Canada this week. The tariff will only succeed in raising prices for everyone. I know that he seems intent on getting us into a war at any moment but the last thing we need is a trade war with our friend Canada. He is succeeding in making enemies of our friends and playing tough guy with many other countries with the exception of Russia.

A President is usually given a honeymoon period to put some of his ideas forward. Trump seems to have squandered his political capital and his honeymoon period by working against the interests of most Americans. Some ask that we give the new President a chance. Well, we are waiting for President Trump to actually propose something that we can get behind.

We only need to look at history to know that other Presidents have had a much more successful beginning to their administrations.

The stress felt by the American people each day is unprecedented in Presidential annals. It seems like we have been having a controversy a day. By the time another 1300 plus days goes by we might have one gigantic case of mass exhaustion. Can we survive the rest of his term? What condition will our country be in? Will the middle class survive or will Trump succeed in making it about the money that he and his fellow vulture capitalist can reward themselves of.


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