It was a strange sight indeed to see the gleeful reaction of Republican House members with the passage of a measure that would repeal the ACA and replace it with a bill that would do substantial harm to millions of Americans. There used to be an unwritten rule that when you pass a bill one should do no harm in doing so. In passing Trump Care, these Republicans have succeeded in doing harm to millions of people and as a result of their actions they have committed political suicide.

Now that the CBO’s numbers are in, the numbers look awful we can now see what the results will most likely be. Most importantly for people with pre-existing conditions they will be punished severely and in many cases suffer grievous harm. Premiums will become so high for people that suffer with illnesses that are no fault of their own, that for many they will not be able to afford the premiums, and for the lucky few who can afford the cost, they should not have to, it is just not right, it is not fair. We can all get sick at any moment. It is all luck and the good or bad fortune to have good genes or bad genes to have in essence a predisposition to get a certain disease or illness. The CBO has said that at this moment 23 million people will lose their coverage. This fact shows that the Republican Congress has committed an act of political malpractice.

Every single Republican in the House of Representatives will have the mark of Cain on them. As Nancy Pelosi said, how these Republicans voted will be like having their forehead glow in the dark and the American people will remember when the election of 2018 comes around. There was something very unseemly how gleeful they were in celebrating a so-called victory just because they managed to pass something that is toxic to the American people. Only 17% of the public have indicated their support for this bill. The House members must be deaf to their own constituents. And here they were celebrating when the Senate of the United States has not had their say on the matter.

What is really aggravating about this whole thing is that their whole purpose seems to have been to undermine a bill that was a signature bit of legislation passed by President Obama. While acting in such a manner they seem to have forgotten why they are in Washington, D.C. They are there to serve us, to serve the people not just the wealthy with a huge tax break. There are a lot more people out there besides the top 1%.

And as far as recognizing the human condition, the fact that people suffer from sickness and disease, they just do not seem to care what happens to us. This dehumanizing aspect of this so-called health care bill is the most disappointing part of this whole action.

The Affordable Health Care Act was the last chance for the private sector to solve the problem that we have regarding health insurance. The bill was originally a plan that came from the Nixon administration. Though not perfect and there are indeed problems with the bill that need fixing and in fact these problems could be fixed if our so-called representatives were there to actually solve the problem.

For some in Washington like Paul Ryan, we are just numbers, not human beings. He does not see that health, is a right and not a privilege. He has charts galore, and his so-called facts based entirely on the numbers he presents. But he and his ilk have completely forgotten that real people with real health issues are involved. You can tell that he is a fan of Ayn Rand.

These people act as if the idea of Social Darwinism has gained a new currency. For those who may forgotten Social Darwinist believe that if you are poor you deserve to be poor due to natural selection. They believe that society boils down to the survival of the fittest. If you are rich you deserve to be rich because you were selected to be rich. And when it comes to health, well, if you are lucky enough to be healthy it is because you have taken care of yourself, while others who have not therefore deserve to be sick. This is a sick theory ignoring the fact that for the grace of God go I.

Good health is a right. Winston Churchill had it right when he said that whether you be rich or poor you deserve to be healthy. He said that you should treat illness as if you have a fire in the neighborhood and in that case, you should immediately send out the fire brigade to put the fire out. We deserve a health care system that is a not for profit system. It is immoral to have a system based upon how much money you can make from individuals who have the misfortune to be sick.

The American people will punish these Republican House members who have voted for this farce of a health care bill at the polls in 2018.



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