America and it’s Republic has existed for around 240 years. Never before have we faced the challenge to our democracy and to our Republic than what we face today. How we address the problems that we now face with the Trump administration will determine whether or not we remain a free people, free from the scourge of authoritarian rule.

We started out as a nation by surviving a revolution, a revolution to establish a country in her own right, separate from England. We then withstood a difficult time and decided to have a Constitution govern America, rather than the Articles of Confederation. A union of states rather than 13 or more states each governing their own territory was our choice. We chose a union. A great Civil War decided our destiny regarding whether or not we would remain divided by a people who were free against those who believed in separating from the union to continue slavery. We have survived a World War that was thought to end all wars, and we have survived a titanic struggle of civilization when our choice was whether or not to stand against Nazi tyranny. Later America withstood the agony that was Watergate. Now we face a new challenge to our Republic, the days of Donald J. Trump. Our challenge now is whether we become part of an oligarchy destined to be ruled by a man who admires tyrants and would if permitted become our very own authoritarian ruler with fascist designs.

Whether we will be victorious in our fight to remain free is still in the offing! But let me make this clear our challenge today is no less serious than the challenges that America has faced in the past.

In recent history, America has faced two major political scandals, one being the Teapot Dome scandal and most recently we had Watergate.

America overcame the political scandal of Watergate because of the courage of a few men and their determination to do what is right and proper. By their actions they defended the Constitution and our system of government survived. We were aided in those dark days of illegality by the courage of Judge Sirica, the hard work of Leon Jaworski, the skill and determination of two investigative reporters, Woodward and Bernstein, the courage of the editor of the Washington Post Benjamin Bradly and the owner of the paper, Katherine Graham. On the political side we were lucky enough to have politicians who cared about what was right and best for the country rather than mere partisan politics or the allure of power. Chairman Rodino on the House Judiciary Committee and in the Senate who can forget the sage wisdom of Senator Sam Ervin, of North Carolina, who was clearly there to defend the Constitution and Senator Howard Baker whose fairness and equanimity stood out. In the Justice Department we were so lucky to have Archibald Cox and Elliott Richardson who were stalwarts for the law, recognizing that we are a nation based upon laws and where no man is to be considered above the law not even the President of the United States.

Our system worked and our Republic survived the attempt of one man, President Nixon, who attempted to cover up a crime. Thank God we had people like Deep Throat who, yes, leaked information to the press. The members of the press were resolute in their attempt to get at the truth even if it cost a President of the United States his job.

Now we have an even greater danger because the sanctity of our elections is at stake and there is the possibility that members of the Trump team and possibly even President Trump himself were in league with the Russians in colluding with them on effecting the results of the election. Now there is the possibility that President Trump and members of his administration and members of his efforts to win the election were working with the Russians in a way that could very well amount to violations of the Espionage Act. On one hand Trump and his minions sought economic gain in return they very well may have promised that they would look favorably upon the idea of eliminating the sanctions that the Obama administration had put upon the Russian government after Russia’s aggression into the Crimea and into the Ukraine.

The administration has consistently had a positive view of anything Russian, and interestingly enough never finding any reason to criticize Russia. Their standard excuse has been don’t you want better relations with Russia?

Who would not want better relations with Russia but at what cost? Is it okay to have better relations with a country if it means that you would sacrifice the liberty of others for the promise of better relations with Putin and Russia? After Putin and Russia attacks on their neighbors the Crimea and the Ukraine what country might be next in Putin’s attempt to re-establish a Russian empire?

We are finding unlikely heroes as the resistance to this Presidency continues!  Sally Yates is a hero who did her job. She was once asked before a Senate hearing is the situation warranted it would she have the courage to do what was right or be just an employee who would do what a President asked of her no matter if it were legal or not. Sally Yates did exactly that, she followed her conscience and the law. She was rewarded by President Trump by being fired.

Two other people one from the justice department and the Head of the FBI found themselves being fired for just doing their jobs. It is yet to be determined if the firing of James Comey was an attempt by President Trump to delay the investigation into his alleged Russian dealings. By firing FBI director is President Trump guilty of obstruction of Justice? How is Trump’s action any different than when President Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox?

Now we hear that Trump’s son-in-law sought a back channel line of communications with Russia even before the President took office. The question is why would he do that? Why could you not have done this under the auspices of our government? What were the motives for such an act? Were Trump’s motives for encouraging Kuchner to do such a thing, financial in nature whereby he sought further personal financial gains irrespective of how his son-in-laws actions would appear?

To be quite honest it would appear from President Trump’s domestic actions thus far, that he does not like his country very much. All of his actions would weaken the United States. The weakening of the United States is exactly what Putin would want.

President Trump has created a crisis a day administration. Even Republicans like Senator Susan Collins have commented on this saying it would be nice to have just one day without a crisis.

Have we not found sufficient grounds to go ahead and seek the impeachment of President Trump?



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