During the recent weeks it has become apparent that we now for the first time knowingly have as President of the United States a racist holding the office of President. Surprisingly this finally became known to some Americans as a result of his support for Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia. And then President Trump doubled down by pardoning the former Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. Arpaio had been convicted of contempt of court for having racially profiled Americans in Arizona.

Now I would be the first to admit that we will know not anyone’s heart as to what truly motivates anyone to act in certain ways but let me say this, President Trump in recent weeks has done nothing to make a reasonable person think otherwise in judging the President’s actions in the aftermath of the events in Charlottesville and his subsequent pardoning of the former Sheriff Arpaio.  It would have been very easy for the President to simply condemn Nazis. After all Nazis were our enemy during World War II. The yahoos who were marching in the streets of the fine university town of Charlottesville were yelling out epithets claiming that they were not going to be replaced by Jews.

His statements and subsequent action gave to those who would claim to be white nationalists a blink and a nod of approval for their deeds. To those who approve of the actions of Arpaio he was in essence by pardoning the former sheriff, saying it was okay to brand those of Latino descent something akin to being aliens, that it was okay to do anything because he approves of what you are doing and he just might pardon you as well.

Perhaps our fearless leader, the Donald, figures that for him to govern it is most appropriate to divide America into different groups and praise and stress the importance of the White Race. He is attempting to be the ring master orchestrating our feelings and fears to enhance his power, and to be the candidate and the President of the White people of America.

He has as his brother in arms our Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. It is no coincidence that he was names after Jefferson Davis and General Beauregard. Both Trump and Sessions are attempting to bring back the days when we had segregation.

I suppose that one reason for President Trump’s actions is to solidify his voting base of white nationalists and his fellow believers that white people are superior to other races.

Strongmen and in particular leaders who want to govern out of the fear of others. President Trump continues to follow through on his belief that Mexicans are criminals and murderers by preaching the belief that it is the Mexicans who are bringing drugs into our country to poison our youth and encourage the drug epidemic that is occurring in our country.

Do not be fooled by President Trump’s recent comments about Dreamers and how he loves children. He rescinded President Obama’s program and he intends to deport the individuals who came to this country innocently. These former children had no control over what country they came to. For all intent and purposes they will become stateless people without a country unless Congress acts. Don’t hold your breath that Congress will act and pass anything regarding the issue. Of course we could be surprised and Congress might pass something to save the Dreamers from being deported. Congress has six months but that is a short time in Congressional terms.

We should put a blind fold over the eyes of the Statue of Liberty. We should put a sign up saying closed for business. In need of repairs. The Trump administration is making a mockery of the poem by Emma Lazarus called the Golden Door. Now we should say do not give us your teeming masses, tossed upon our shores.  We only want white people with plenty of money.

His administration is full of or was full of people who think like Steve Bannon and Miller. I would not be surprised if Bannon does not try to organize the right wing zealots into his and Trump’s own brown shirts in order to fulfill their darkest dreams and our deepest fears of a Fascist takeover.

President Trump takes advantage of our darkest motives and fears by dividing us into groups, those who we should be feared and those we will accept. These are not American values but the values of a would be dictator with Fascist beliefs. He brings us business oligarchs and men from the military in his administration. What could possibly go wrong?

The sad truth of all of this is that only the President of the United States is elected by all of the people. If you keep this concept in mind, you have to be the President of all of the people, not just being President representing the so-called best interest of the whites in this country. We are a diverse people made up of a quilt of many colors. Our strength comes from our diversity. The one thing that unites us is that we are all Americans no matter what kind of ethnic background you might have. To deny that fact is to want to change the face of America, and regardless of how much Donald Trump wants to divide us we will survive and there will be another day in our country’s future where we will once again one nation indivisible.



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