It has been said that fascism will come to America, wrapped in a flag and holding a cross. Well, America wake up it is happening here! Fascism is coming to America wrapped in a flag and holding a Bible.

Many Americans are willing to be led. Life is so much easier when you don’t have to think. Just depend on a leader to tell you what to do and what to think. Many voters are thrilled with President Trump. After all they are being promised safety, order in the form of what appears to be law and order, and security. After all Americans would be safe and secure if we only did something to prevent illegal aliens from entering into our country. If only our society were cleansed of the criminals and rapists from Mexico we would be safe and secure from the scourge of opium and pot and our women would be safe from the rapists who come across the border. Trump insists that if our society were free of illegals our lives would be safer. The problem is really quite simple, we are being told that our laws are not being enforced and all we need to do is to make sure that the laws of our country are being followed in order for us to be safe.

If only whites would be back in power life would get back to normal. It is the elitists in Hollywood and the evil Media that are lying about everything. Their perceptions are wrong and it is the press that is to blame for fake news. Liberals should leave America if they don’t like what is happening or be killed for their being unpatriotic.

What used to be called rabble by the founders want to be in charge, to help their leader, Donald Trump make things right.

President Trump sent a message loud and clear to the Nazis’ in Charlottesville. Those young men who marched with Tiki torches yelling we will not be replaced by Jews, were in essence told by Trump in his failure to disown them that he has their backs.

For those who pretend to represent God, they have a different story. They are willing to overlook Trump’s personal failings and sins for the prospect of finally having a man in Washington who is more than willing to have judges overturn Roe V. Wade.

Then there are the other religious or supposedly religious people who claim that we are at the end of times. They believe that any attempt by man to fix problems with our society will only delay the second coming of Christ. So anything that Trump is willing to do they are happy with.

For a moment let us go back to the early 1930’s we have seen this all before. Certain groups were being branded as being bad and poisonous to German society. All things would be much better if only the Jews were removed. The disable were ridiculed and the mentally challenged were vilified. If only pure Aryans were allowed to rule things, then Germany would find its rightful place as the superior race and be on top of the world.

When one reads, ” The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” one sees the eerie similarities between then and now. Yes, things are different, but that it is primarily because these days and times are different with different characters and personalities. But the root causes and circumstances surrounding the rise of Hitler and Mussolini are similar to today’s goings on.

Religion had an impact on establishing Hitler’s legitimacy. The Concordat was agreed to in 1933. This was an agreement that was between the Vatican and Germany whereby it set in writing the Churches rights in the Third Reich. The motivation for this agreement which was authored by the future Pope, Pius the XII, and Hitler’s Germany. The church was willing to make a deal with the Devil because the Soviet Union was deemed to be a greater threat because of it’s espoused atheistic nature.

With the Great Depression and the harsh economic times that occurred, Hitler and his henchmen gave the German people pride by successfully putting millions of Germans back to work. The fact that public works and spending on the military put people back to work, and it gave the German people a sense of gratitude for making their lives better and happier than they had been for some time.

Hitler had them eating out of his hand so when their military was strong and strong enough to be used to take over other countries, most of the German people did not question it. They went along with the thinking that they were a great people who could do anything and accomplish any goal.

Key business people were the allies of Hitler as they saw the possibilities of making a lot of money on war profiteering. Their military reluctantly allied themselves with Hitler thinking that they could control him. The attitude of Germany first became very popular. It was all about what you could do for the mother country, Germany. The importance of the individual became secondary to the importance of the state, the importance of Germany and it’s success became paramount.

Now we can see the parallels with the German Reich. America first is a phrase the Trump uses constantly. His administration is made up of billionaires and military people. Although President Trump has his Russia investigation challenges, he is no less popular among his hard core base. Will President Trump start a war to try to take people’s minds off of Russia? Having a war normally, initially, unites a country against a foe and enemy. He might think that he can therefore gain in popularity by starting a war.

Trump took advantage of the west’s inability to deal with the economic problems that came as a result of globalization. A lot of angry people were the result of the economic uncertainties. If you put a new war into the equation this might indeed help President Trump finish the job of turning the United States into a fascist state.



  1. I feel that two Jews need to be removed from the White House. They are Ivanka and Jared Kushner, they need to take tRump with them.

    • It is all about Trump. No one can control what he says. He speaks without thinking, witness his comments at the UN. At least his daughter has a moderating influence. Kelly looks embarrassed half the time. Bannon is no longer in the White House but he may still influence Trump from outside now. As to Kushner, what qualifies him to say anything? For Trump’s family it matters not what their religion is, as it is all about the money!!!!!

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