While most countries in the world developed a health care system for their people, America back during the days of World War II developed a family health care plan based upon the need to provide insurance for families while many men were off to fight the war, in World War II.

Americans have debated health care and health care insurance for a long time now. Like most of the world many Americans now view health as a right and not a privilege. For those on the right wing of American politics it is their view that health care is somehow a privilege that only the wealthy should be assured of having insurance. They have a perverted view that health care for profit is the only way to go, the only system worth attaining.

An astronomical amount of lobbyists earn their living working to maintain our current system and encouraging the demise of the current system that we have which is the ACA. No one will claim that the ACA is perfect but at least for the first time , individuals and families who had the misfortune of having a pre-existing condition are no longer prevented someone, from obtaining insurance nor are they in a risk pool which would cause the insurance to be cost prohibitive. There are no longer monetary limits on coverage and many young people have coverage until the age of 26. Millions of people have coverage now that were never able to obtain coverage before.

Medicare had problems back in the 1960’s that needed fixing and in a bipartisan effort Medicare and its problems were fixed. Now the ACA has problems that could be fixed if Republicans were interested in fixing them, but they are not interested in fixing the problems. They want to blow the whole thing up because a black man passed a Health care bill to improve the system that we currently have. Republicans claim that the Democrats jammed the ACA through without any Republican help which is true, but they neglect to say why it was passed without any Republican cooperation. People like Senator Mitch McConnell made it known that the Republicans in a first for them were not going to cooperate with the new President in any way. This was agreed to before the President even took office.

The problem with all of this political furor regarding the current law, the ACA, is that Republicans have made it clear that their plan to repeal and replace has nothing to do with actually having a plan to replace the ACA but just to repeal the legislation because of who passed it. It is all about President Obama and the fact that they want to erase from history all of his accomplishments only because of the color of his skin. It has nothing to do with the good parts of the ACA, it is only because President Obama was a black man.

What is lacking from a human perspective is that the people of the United States would be the ones to suffer if the ACA is not improved but instead repealed without any thoughts to improving it. People like Jimmy Kimmel would suffer because it is no ones fault if your infant child gets sick. Illness knows no race or creed. It is an accident of fate if an infant gets sick, and no one should face the prospect of having your family be labeled a risk due to illness and be put in a box with other individuals who have a pre-existing condition.

There used to be an unwritten rule in politics that when it doubt do no harm. If you know what the unwanted consequences of your actions would be and you still want to stubbornly want to pass a law that would be harmful, well, that is just morally repugnant and wrong.

The Republicans have ignored the incredibly massive amounts of medical groups who are against the plans to repeal the ACA. They ignore the human outcry of those who are against the passage of these monstrous proposals to repeal what they like to call Obamacare.

There are health care systems that work quite well, in Europe. It is not like we have to reinvent the wheel, and only use a system that we think that we created.

Since some individuals in America love their private insurance, and can’t seem to live without it, let me suggest the German health care system as a good starting point.

Germany has a universal multi-payer health insurance system. In Germany they have sickness funds. These sickness funds pay for health care needs for both standard and private insurance sickness funds.

Germany has a history of having the oldest national social system in the world, going back to 1883 and 1889.

Approximately 92% are covered by a Statutory Health insurance plan, with standard coverage for and through 1100 public and private sickness funds.

These funds are a combination of employee contributions, employer contributions and government subsidies on a scale determined by income levels. There are those in the higher income levels that choose to opt out and they pay a tax to enable them to have private insurance. Those who choose to have private insurance their premiums are not determined by income level but rather they are determined by their health status.

11% of the population has private insurance with 89% having the standard comprehensive plan.

We need to jettison the Republican plans for health care that would only repeal but not replace the ACA and start to work on a bi-partisan approach to fixing what is wrong with the ACA. Meanwhile, we should consider what type of plan will work for America in the future. A plan that includes a private insurance option just might have the best chance of passing!



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