I am not a fan of the government of Iran, but it is sheer folly to decertify the nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States. Iran is in compliance with the treaty so what could be the reason for this?

Now the right wing, and Donald Trump, will tell you that Iran is a bad, a very bad government, not to be trusted. But really, this is just one more example of Trump and company having a problem with anything that President Obama did. They would like to erase his Presidency and his accomplishments from the history books. The truth be told, it goes deeper than that, it all about denying a black man any credit at all, for his deeds and accomplishments. Don’t fool yourself! His name could have been Barry White and the specter of racism would be raising it’s ugly head.

Donald Trump, after all, was one of the key birthers. He denied Barack Obama’s legitimacy from the beginning claiming that he was somehow a foreigner, a Manchurian candidate, who we allegedly knew nothing about. He claimed that President Obama was from another country, probably Kenya, but then again the conspiracy nuts on occasion claim that his mother was not his mother and that he was born in Indonesia. Whites who are racists like to claim that Blacks can not accomplish anything on their own, and that if they did they had to have cheated to get ahead.

This insanity regarding Iran would be bad enough if we did not have the overtones of the rejecting of this treaty being racially motivated. After all, Nixon opened up China and Nixon had been known all of his career as one of the most virulent anti-communists in America’s history.

Of course there could very well be another motivation when it comes to Donald Trump. His administration is in hot water. He feels the heat of the investigation of his administration and during the campaign of his Russian connections. What could be better than for him to start a war to take the attention and focus off of the investigation into his affairs.

When America is at war, the notion is that people rally around the flag and back the President in his efforts to defeat a so-called enemy. Do not be surprised if we don’t hear how Iran is the worst and most dangerous country to our interests! But America listen up. Iran is not Iraq. We can not expect to shock and awe Iran like we did Iraq. Iraq has all of 8 million people while our soon to be most dreaded and awful enemy, Iran has around 80 million people. What could possibly go wrong?

One thing is for sure, if we were at war, the Russia investigation would be off the headlines. Trump could rally Americans around the flag. America first, after all. It is a good fascist tactic to distract and what could distract more than a war.


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