An end of an era has occurred! For the first time in many years the Clinton’s are no longer at the center of attention on the American political stage. For some readers, what I am about to say may seem like political blasphemy, but it is a firmly held belief, nevertheless. This is not a note of a fond farewell. I know that Hillary would have been much better than the current occupant of the White House, but and it is a big but, it is time for the country to move on, and in Hillary’s defeat, the future looks brighter, in that we may finally enter into a true progressive era.

William Jefferson Clinton was President of the United States. He was charismatic, a dynamic speaker, whose rhetorical flourishes soared. President Clinton could sell ice to the Eskimos. President Clinton was a President of immense possibilities but he lacked a core of conviction regarding his proposals. As a result if you were a democrat, he was a huge disappointment. He was in a way, the best Republican President we have ever had. His charm and wit were legendary but his accomplishments were of a questionable nature, just like his personal life. His potential was limitless but his execution was mightily disappointing.

One source of frustration for Republicans was that Bill Clinton, took away issues such as crime that Republicans had used for mass appeal for years. Clinton parlayed the issue of free trade into NAFTA. His welfare reform bill punished poor people while helping some. His biggest mistake was getting rid of Glass-Steagall, which ultimately led to the Great Recession.

His administration was dogged by scandal and it is true that there was a right wing conspiracy against him. The buck does stop at the President’s door, though, and his actions helped to encourage the right wing assault on his Presidency.  His mistakes and miscalculations led to his own scandal ridden administration. He was a flawed man.

Before the Presidency of Bill Clinton the press had pretty much ignored throughout history a President’s personal behavior unless it somehow effected his public office, and rightly so. It has yet to be shown that a person’s personal life has any bearing on whether he will be a good president or not.

Can you imagine anyone asking Harry Truman for example about his private life? He would have just told the press it was not any of their business. He probably would have used an expletive and told them it was not any of their god-damned business.

President Clinton was self destructive. Only professionals in the field of psycho analysis can attempt to determine the causes of his personal problems that caused his presidency to lack a moral core. Yes, no  successful charges were ever brought criminally against Clinton. His only crime was lying about sex.

Hillary Clinton has a reputation for being a policy wonk. She could have very well been a more progressive President than her husband was. It is a shame that her shadow fell too close to the flame of her husband. Both of them seem more interested in power and in the use of power for powers sake. Her campaign was bedeviled by an email scandal. Her life and her husbands seems to be tied at the hip where each of them comes close to going over the line of illegality in their actions. Whether it is the foundation or other action they both seem to relish the encounter between those who might claim that wrong doing occurred and whether their action was proper.

Both Clinton’s have shown enormous potential and ability, but they have shown their feet of clay as well. They have had their day in the sun. It is time for new leadership. There are new democratic names in the public eye and there will be more for our political future. The future holds promise for a new progressive era. Let the future begin!


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