Top of the morning or day to you as the national nightmare continues. President Trump is clearly the man, each day he orchestrates what is the ultimate in reality shows, real life. His tweets are the ultimate distraction while he attempts to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

Today on Morning Joe, and with the quote from Senator Bob Corker, we heard how our tweeter in chief, is threatening to really, really start World War III.

The war will have the hugest audience, the ratings will be fantastic. We have never seen an audience like this before. He must have some kind of yearning to see how pretty a mushroom cloud can be.

He has a fascination with nuclear weapons, as if he really does not understand the physical consequences of starting a nuclear war. Perhaps he thinks he would be safe while others die! He would be the ultimate puppet master if our military would let him play with nukes.

Have you ever seen Stanley Kubrick’s movie, “Dr. Strangelove,” or it’s alternative title, ” How I stopped Worrying and Love the Bomb?” We seem to be living the theme of the movie right now. We have an insane President who seems to think that we can start a nuclear war and no one will die, or maybe he is so full of loathing he wants people to die, as long as he is not one of the people destined to die. He is so gungho about this maybe we could talk him into riding the bomb all the way down like Slim Pickens did in the movie.

Trump and his minions, like Bannon and Miller don’t seem to be bothered by having a revolution. Having a revolution is supposed to drain the swamp, and they are supposed to lead us out of the swamp. God help us! Like the movie Trump’s follower’s are quite willing to give the Nazi salute. Again, like in the movie when one of Peter Sellers characters wants to raise his arm in salute, but he keeps restraining his own true feelings.

Trump seems to be convinced that we should stop worrying and love the bomb. I am not convinced!

If he thinks that this is somehow a reality show and not the real world, he needs to be removed quickly before it is too late. All we need is for the Republican Party to grow a backbone. Perhaps the idea of dying for this man/child will sink in as a real possibility and we will see his removal under the 25th Amendment.


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