I miss the days of when we had the Golden Fleece award. Senator William Proxmire used to give that out on a regular basis to honor the most ridiculous expenditures. If he were alive today, he undoubtedly would have had a lot of awards to give out. We’ve had the highway and the bridge to nowhere, which I am sure he would have loved to have given them such a prestigious award.

The Army deserves the Golden Fleece award for 2013 for asking for more M-1 Abrams Tanks. Congress budgeted for more tanks when we already have 2,300 of them with 3,000 in storage. The plant that makes them is in Ohio. The tank supplies jobs for 16,000 people including 882 suppliers. Can we spell the Military Industrial Complex? Like we’re really going to have another big tank battle anytime soon.

These days politicians provide all of us with plenty of fodder for humor. Can you picture a Congressional Committee studying Space Aliens? Well if you can, you have now entered into the Twilight Zone.

This past week was amazing! Can you picture a major network, Fox, having one of their key spokeswoman create confusion among the young people of our country when she brought up the question of whether Santa Claus was white? And then she topped it off by putting forward the idea that Jesus was white. Really! Well, if you can picture that you have entered into the Twilight Zone. Holly molly! I’ve never seen a white, blue-eyed person, having been born in Palestine.

Can you picture an insurance commissioner in Georgia saying that if you have a pre-existing condition it is your fault? He compared the blame to being in a car wreck. Well, good luck to him when he gets sick. If you can picture that you have; You’ve got it, you’ve entered into the Twilight Zone.

Then you have that modest politician former Senator Rick Santorum, who likened himself after Nelson Mandela. If you can picture a former presidential candidate saying that Mandela fought apartheid and he, Santorum fought, Obamacare.

If so, if you can picture that then you have stepped into the Twilight Zone.

I want to challenge all of you readers to come up with your own candidates for the Golden Fleece Award. Any topic is allowed except for the partisan issue of Obamacare. Things like a $1600 hammer for example would be good.

I would also like to bring back the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award. Anyone in mind?


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