Justice Kennedy in his majority opinion yesterday made a lot of people happy, when he decided that everyone has the right to be happy. Marriage Equality is now the law of the land.

It is amazing to hear the fiery rhetoric of those who were in opposition to marriage equality and in many cases state that they will refuse to abide by the law. I am sorry to have to remind people of the obvious, the court has spoken and marriage equality is the law of the land in all 50 states. We are not governed by an interpretation of biblical law, we are governed by the Constitution.

The Bible’s purported teachings were once used to justify slavery. Slavery ended and we are now still working to learn to live with one another in peace and love. We need to have the same goal regarding our friends and fellow countrymen and women who happen to have a different sexual preference. Love is the answer.

Love has triumphed over inequality, injustice, intolerance and sexual bigotry.

The sky will not fall, locusts will not eat our crops, God’s wrath will not befall America because loved ones can now be married. Christ spoke of God’s love. We should learn from his teachings and be more tolerant of others who are different and love our neighbor as we would want to be loved.

Peace and love to all!


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