A funny thing happened on the way to the 2014 election, a rejection of party politics as usual is taking place.

Greg Orman an independent candidate for the Senate from the very red state of Kansas, has a real chance for victory. Kansas has been a Republican held state for 80 years, that’s right 80 years. It was one of a very few states that went for Alf Landon in 1936, and let us not forget Landon was from Kansas. A sea change is occurring in middle America.

Before the Democratic Party gloats at this possible upset, they should take note that this possible outcome, is a repudiation of their party as well. Americans are tired of our dysfunctional government and Kansans are on the leading edge of saying no to extremism and yes to pragmatism and compromise.

Democracy and our representative government is about our representatives representing we the people, not we the Republican or Democratic Party. When our party system fails in its responsibilities there are other options. Maine elected an independent in the last election cycle and Kansas may now be about to do the same. The people and the nation come first, not partisan politics. It is a tragic game of recklessness when our political party’s neglect the people and focus only on winning. Winning is meaningless when our system of government fails so miserably.

Senator Roberts does not even have a home in Kansas. It is time to end the gridlock and elect people who owe their allegiance to the people and not to their political party.

If Greg Orman wins it should send a clear message to Congress. The message should be that a do nothing Congress is no longer acceptable. I hope that the message learned will be that you too can lose your next election if you ignore the will of the people. Dorothy and Todo, you can come home now. The skies are clearing and Auntie Em is waiting for you.


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