I am not a big fan of President’s day. President’s day is just an excuse to have another big shopping day. We should return to the day when we celebrated Lincoln and George Washington’s birthdays.

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were President’s we could admire and learn from. We have had quite a few Presidents I would like to forget about. The intent of celebrating all Presidents is misguided. It has just become another excuse to go to the mall. Most of our citizens can’t remember the names of our Presidents and having a holiday to celebrate their service has not helped the public learn about their contributions or lack of them.

There was a time that teachers might have actually spent the time and effort to talk about how George Washington was the first president or whether or not he actually chopped down that cherry tree. Teachers used the Abraham Lincoln birthday to remind students about why we have a memorial to his life in Washington D.C.

But frankly a holiday should have real meaning to it. We should have a reason to celebrate all of the Presidents and I just don’t see what all of them did to merit a day to celebrate all of them. Should we celebrate how a few president’s by their inaction allowed the march to the Civil War to go forward? Should we give credit to where no credit is due to the President’s who sat back and let things just go on swimmingly towards the Great Depression?

Anyway you get the idea. You should have a reason to have a holiday. Let’s go back to the day when you celebrated Washington and Lincoln’s birthday.


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