Have you ever noticed that today’s modern day so-called conservative is in denial? They are in denial that science matters, that math counts and that reason is worth thinking about.

We have people who actually say and believe that they are conservatives. Sorry, but I have a question, what do today’s conservative want to conserve?

We only have one planet, but instead of wanting to preserve and be a good steward of the earth, they support the corporate world who would destroy the one planet we live on. Scientists who are not in the pocket of the oil industry present facts showing how the earth is undergoing climate change and volatility but no our modern day conservatives deny that change is occurring. One incredibly stupid example of this denial was exhibited in of all places the United States Senate where Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma, brought a snowball to the Senate floor to proudly proclaim that we must not be experiencing climate change because it snowed.

Math should count and numbers don’t lie. Minnesota and California both increased taxes, Minnesota on the top 2% and California on the higher wage earners. Minnesota ranks at the top of both having a low unemployment rate and a very high median income rate for its citizens in Minnesota. California used Keynesian ideas and Governor Brown helped California dig its way out of an economic morass.

But Republican conservatives on the right wing try to ignore the numbers that represent the successful models that other states are living by. Instead they insist on trying to prove that trickle down economics and austerity works. Sorry but the numbers don’t lie, Kansas and Wisconsin prove it,  if it needed proving, that austerity and lower taxes only benefit the wealthy and leave their states and its citizens in red ink and reduced services.

Conservatives extol the virtues of a Ronald Reagan presidency. Reagan tried trickle down and he received red ink in return. He was smart enough to realize that he needed to raise taxes to pay for things which he did in his second term. What is ironic is that conservatives forget to mention that fact. A deficit meant something to President Reagan and he did what needed to be done by raising taxes to increase revenue to pay for what we owed. But, again, our so-called conservatives have a case of convenient amnesia, they ignore the numbers of how Reagan raised our debt.

President Dwight David Eisenhower raised taxes and balanced the budget 3 times. He was the only Republican President since World War II to balance a budget and his Presidency is totally ignored by today’s so-called conservatives.

I honestly don’t know what the far right wing of the Republican Party wants to conserve outside of preserving and enhancing the wealth of the top 2%.

Science and religion can co-exist. If you believe in science that does not mean that you can’t believe in God. The two, science and religion are not mutually exclusive.

Reason and common sense are in short supply in today’s alternative right wing world. They insist that evolution did not happen. Some insist that the earth is far younger than it is, and they insist that humans have only been on this planet for around 6,000 years. They don’t believe that telling the truth in the telling of our American history is good for those who want to be educated. The earth is overcrowded but members of the far right want to deny women of the right to use contraception. That’s right let’s make more babies when resources are diminishing. We are living in an era when the far right of the Republican Party is in denial of facts and the truth. If the truth does not fit their predisposed ideological view of life they are against telling the truth. They want to allegedly help the middle class by raising their taxes and at the same time reduce the taxes of the rich. They want to be the political party of homeland security while in a fit of pique they deny funds to the department that is responsible for keeping us safe. The right wing lives in an alternative universe. What we need is a return to a use of common sense where we use science and math to make things work. Common sense is no longer common. Let us open up our eyes and see the way to a better America where we in fact rely on numbers, reason and science.


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