It may have taken 21 years, but the Rams are finally coming home to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is celebrating the return of pro football to the Southern California.

We empathize with St. Louis, we understand their pain. It is the second time that St. Louis has lost their home team, the first time it was the Cardinals and now they have lost the Rams. At least for a season they enjoyed the greatest show on turf and watched the Rams win the Super Bowl for the first time.

It is sad that there are owners like the former owner of the Rams, Georgia Frontiere. She inherited the team from Carol Rosenbloom and upon his death, the strange odyssey of the travels of the Rams began first to Orange County and then to St. Louis. Mrs. Frontiere enjoyed their victory in the Super Bowl and then sold the team to a Missouri resident, billionaire Stan Kroinke.

Fans have a tough time these days because pro teams are all about the money. The only team guaranteed to not move is the Green Bay Packers. The reason for that is that the people of Green Bay own the team. This helps explain the passion of the followers or fans of the Packers.

The fans of the Rams have a history with what is considered by many to be Los Angeles’s team. Back in the day, they did come here from somewhere else, Cleveland to be exact. Of course, Cleveland still had a team, the Cleveland Browns. The Rams had a huge following, they had Elroy, Crazy Legs, Hirsch in the 1950’s, and they had the Fearsome Foursome in the 60’s. Eric Dickerson thrilled us and the mud of the Coliseum was the playground of our biggest disappointment, when George Allen’s team finally had the Minnesota Vikings at home for the playoffs, only to see Viking weather once again take away victory from the home team.

The Los Angeles Coliseum has been the site of many memories of exciting victories and sad defeats. We fans shared the high moments and the worst times as well, that is what true fans do. We look forward to once again having the Los Angeles Rams re-connect with its fans and build up a new fan base as well. GO RAMS!!!!


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