News flash, no candidate is perfect! In point of fact, no President can by himself change and fix the world. He or she needs a lot of help to really change things.

There are areas of concern that I have about Bernie and Hillary but overall, they will do quite nicely thank you.

While Hillary was in the Senate, she and Bernie only differed on 31 votes. Let me repeat that! They only disagreed with each other 31 times on votes of which some were procedural.

There were 2 major votes that I have a significant disagreement with Bernie on. Bernie Sanders voted against the first Gulf war, and he voted against the bank bailout. His vote against the first Gulf war is important because it gives us an indication that he might be too much of an isolationist. There are 2 basic rule sets that we should all be able to agree on, one is that no nation should ever be allowed to try and conquer another nation. The other rule needs to be that genocide is not acceptable.

When Iraq attacked Kuwait, they broke a basic law that this kind of behavior can not be tolerated. We all want peace but if we as a world body were not going to defend a country from aggression then, then when would we ever do it. You do not get to pick and choose, there needs to be a basic rule against aggression. We had a broad coalition that rightfully defended Kuwait and took the country back from Saddam Hussein.

The very legitimate question is when if ever would a President Bernie Sanders respond to aggression. The fact that he recognizes the need to fight ISIS is not enough, we need to feel confident for our allies sake, that a President Sanders would respond properly in such a situation if aggression occurred somewhere else. We may not want to be involved in any wars but we need to be responsible as a recognized leader. We can not withdraw from the world stage.

One finds his failure to vote for a bailout of the banks is worrisome. One might not like Wall Street, but the survival of our financial system was in doubt. Historically, this was a repeat of what happened in the 1930’s when our financial system was collapsing. Roosevelt even went as far as to have a Bank Holiday. We could have easily slipped into a Great Depression if we had not bailed out the banks. We might not have liked it but it was necessary to regain financial stability. His failure to vote for the bailout makes you wonder if his world view is so ingrained that he would rather see Wall Street collapse than to save them from themselves.

Roosevelt saved capitalism by regulating greed. What would a President Sanders do if faced with a similar situation.

Now we have Hillary Clinton who is on the domestic front a thoughtful person who I can trust to do the right thing here at home. But in the arena of foreign affairs I am fearful that she is more of a hawk than I would want. We live in a dangerous world and her experience is undoubtedly valuable with her having been Secretary of State. Would she be as restrained as the current President. I have a feeling that her foreign policy might be overly aggressive.

Hillary can be her own worst enemy. When talking about her foundation the other day, her first reaction to the question of what would happen to their involvement if she should win bothered me. She assured us that there would be transparency. I want more, I think that during her Presidency, her family’s involvement in the foundation should take a hiatus. A separation from the foundation during her Presidency would take away any concerns about a potential conflict of interest. The last thing we need is more controversy when it could be avoided.

The people have a right to be concerned about her sincerity when it comes to following through on her domestic objectives. We are counting on her to fight for us.

The point is that each candidate can bring with them areas of concern. No one is a perfect candidate. And frankly, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. In a time in our history where the trust of Congress is at an all-time low, we need to count on our leaders to follow through on their promises or to at least try to do so. May the best candidate win!!


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