It is hard to believe that President Trump has been in office only 11 days. It is fascinating how President Trump uses twitter. He seems to use it to keep himself in the headlines by twittering something each day. By tweeting, he makes sure that he captures the news cycle of that day, as the media thirsts for each tidbit of information given to them by Trump in order to dominate the news cycle. As each day goes by, the drama resulting from his tweets is enough to give the American people a collective nervous breakdown.

Other Presidents have gone about their business without the same kind of attention that this President is getting. Normally, publicity is good whether it is good or bad publicity. They usually go about their business by working hard for the American people, no matter what political party they come from.

Each President comes into office with what is called political capital. As President you do not want to use up the built in good will that a new President brings with him by having won an election. But after 8 days in office, has this president, President Trump, already used up his reservoir of good will that the American people have towards a new leader? The fact that his approval rating is already below 50% is daunting. It usually takes a President around two years for the collective pool of good will to be strained and used up by a President.

President Trump uses his twitter account constantly as a means by which he communicates with the American people. So far his Presidency has been a tweet storm of controversy along with his executive orders.  His orders seem to be bereft of any consultation with leaders of Congress. The fact that he does not consult Congress should not come as any surprise.  His inaugural address let it be known that President Trump was going to represent the people. He quite clearly stated that Congress had abrogated their right to criticize because they had ignored the people and the needs of the people. Through his tweets and through his campaign appearances he has repeatedly branded the media as evil, and he has made it clear that Congress is not to be trusted. He has made it clear that he believes that only he can solve our problems. Are we to ignore Congress and the Courts?

President Trump has not been ambiguous in his belief that only he can fix things. He is seemingly determined to go it alone without any consultation with Congress on any issue that is germane to the interests and well being of the American people. So far what we have is a dictatorship.

It is interesting to take note that even though President Obama issued executive orders, Republicans treated them differently. President Obama did fewer executive orders than most Presidents, But Republicans found his use of power offensive, but now that President Trump is using them they extol the alleged virtue of using executive orders as an example of leadership.

After 8 days, it would appear that President Trump has found the Constitution to be inconvenient and something to be ignored.  He has shown through his tweets that he is thin skinned about any criticism. He is using alternative facts or let us just call it what it is, lies, to justify his executive orders.

Let us take his latest executive order regarding a ban on Muslims from 7  countries. Without consulting anyone outside of his inner circle, he has attempted to foist upon the American a unconstitutional order. His insistence on being obeyed has put the judicial branch in direct conflict with the executive branch. Trump has attempted to have his orders obeyed notwithstanding any temporary stays that courts have issued. One could argue that he has been in contempt of court. But therein lies the rub, if you have a President in actual contempt of court how do you enforce any judgment against him?

It is a farce to argue that his Muslim ban is not a Muslim ban. On one hand he says that Muslims from those 7 countries are to be excluded from coming to the United States, while on the other hand he readily admits that if you are a Christian or a member of another minority religion from that particular country you are to be welcome to America if the situation arises.

For those who have not read their Constitution or have not read it for awhile, the first clause of the very first amendment to the Constitution is referred to as the Establishment Clause. Our Bill of Rights starts out be saying that Congress shall pass no laws respecting a religion. That means that Congress and in this case a President may not single out a religion for discrimination. It might be Muslims this time but it could be a ban on Catholics or Baptists or Hindus the next time.

The problem of the Muslim ban is that it puts our troops in greater danger in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Trumps action puts us closer to having a religious war, a new Crusade. Sorry folks, this is not what we want, there are nearly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. The most populous Muslim country is actually Indonesia. Why should any Muslim want to help us at all in our fight against ISIS is you have a Muslim ban.

It would appear that those countries that have a history of terrorist attacking America were exempted from this ban because the President does business with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey.

By creating a ban on Muslims, President Trump has put us all at a greater risk of being attacked by people who used to be our friends. In a sick and revengeful way, it might make some Americans feel good because we have banned them. After all, ISIS is a group of insane Muslims that have nothing to do with the true teachings of Mohammed. We have to be wise enough to maintain our friends in this long struggle against ISIS by not offending the majority of the Muslim world.

Let President Trump tweet away. But it is time to ignore his tweets and recognize that we should only react to what he actually does. We do not need a twit in office, we need a President to recognize that we have three branches of government, each equally powerful and distinct with the checks and balances that our forefathers so wisely established. If President Trump insist on ruling without consulting with and obeying the wishes of each co-equal branch of government it will be time to quickly impeach a man who does not seem to have any understanding of how our government has worked for the last 200 plus years.


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