America, we have our own home grown terrorists, the Bundy Gang. Late yesterday, around 150 militia members took over a Federal Building in Oregon. Three of the group are sons of the notorious Cliven Bundy. This group is a latter day, wannabe, Jesse James gang, taking the law into their own hands. Allegedly defending the rights of a family charged with arson, they have once again shown that they are nothing other than law breakers, thumbing their collective noses at any form of governmental authority.

It is true that the Hammond family has had issues with the government agency running the park where their ranch exist for years. But it is up to the legal system, no matter how flawed it may seem to be, to resolve whatever legal issues there might be. It is nothing other than an act of sedition and insurrection for an outside group to bring an outside private militia across state lines to occupy a federal facility, no matter what the reason or excuse.

The rule of law needs to be enforced and it will not be surprising to see the FBI and the ATF arrive on the scene to try to resolve the dispute peaceably. It is yet to be determined if the Bundy gang of militia men will be willing to leave the occupied property peacefully.

I am reminded of this quote from the movie, A Bridge of Spies, when Tom Hanks, character asked the Russian Spy, “Are you worried?” and he responded by saying, “Would it help?”

Well, here we are a nation of many who are worried about radicals from the Middle East. We should ask ourselves, Would it help to worry? No it would not.

Why worry about foreign born terrorists when we have our own vigilantes here at home? Our home grown groups are well armed and dangerous. Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and injured 680 back in 1995. The numbers of the victims far exceed the innocents killed in San Bernardino, but no one wants to talk about our home grown terrorists who so intimidate our police, sheriffs, and federal authorities that they shy away from enforcing the laws for fear of another Waco or Ruby Ridge.

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists over 800 hundred hate groups. Fear is encouraged by President candidates and innocent people suffer. Sikhs are mistaken for Muslims and attacked. Muslims are branded as being evil and dangerous. Fear, anger, and frustration are turning our country into an unrecognizable place.

Meanwhile, the Bundy Gang, dares the government to do anything about their criminal acts.  The Bundy’s and their supporters have our attention. Hopefully the situation can be resolved peaceably! Order and the rule of law must be maintained. How the government reacts is important. If laws are to have any meaning, citizens must understand that they can not take the law into their own hands. No militia should be allowed to mete out their version of what justice should be.


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