The media is all over themselves analyzing how and why Donald Trump has become the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. Get over it! Move on! The Republican voters have spoken loud and clear that they want the Donald, as their candidate. Let the race to the White House begin.

It is difficult to compare these two candidates because if you look at their web sites one would think that they must be from different countries because they have so little in common and they don’t talk about the same issues.

Donald Trump talks about building a wall, getting rid of the Affordable Health Act, Supporting the Second Amendment, Immigration, and our trade policy with China.

He explains how he would have Mexico pay for the wall. By using an executive order he would institute a rule whereby immigrants who want to send money home via Western Union would be prohibited from doing so unless Mexico pays 5 to 10 billion for the wall. He uses the word compel when referring to how they would pay. The alien would have to provide documentation that he was a lawful resident in order for he or she to send money back to Mexico. The inducement for them according to Trump would be the approximately 24 billion dollars of remittances that go to Mexico from Mexican nationals working in the United States.

His other suggestion is to have a Visa fee increase on border crossings. This he suggests would reduce Visa overstays.

He wants to get rid of the ACA. There is no suggested plan to replace the ACA with anything else so one can assume that those who currently have it would lose their coverage. This would affect roughly 20 million Americans who would lose their insurance. Are we looking at a return of pre-existing conditions?

Trump in his plan to bring back jobs suggests that tariffs are the way to go. Protectionism failed in the past how can we use it now and have it work?

Trump wants to install a plan similar to the Wet Back program of the 1950’s to return 11 and 1/2 million people to Mexico and beyond.

Trump believes that he can use the art of the deal to make our relations with China more beneficial to our own interests.

Hillary Clinton has laid out a plan of what she would like to accomplish in many areas. Her plan encompasses issues such as overturning Citizens United, raising the minimum wage, making America the world’s clean energy super power and meeting our climate challenge. Those are her major issues, but others hold sway as well. She believes that we need a new college compact, whereby our students will be able to refinance their existing loans at current rates. She stressed that we should ensure that our students do not have to borrow to pay for tuition, books or fees for a public college in their state. We need to reform our criminal justice system. She stresses the need to reform our current immigration system with a pathway to citizenship that strengthen families and not weaken them by tearing families apart.

If we are going to have an issue driven campaign there are huge differences on the issues. She wants a raise for all Americans while he has said that Americans make to much already. He denies climate change while she sees it as being the most important issue of our time. She wants to continue the progress that the President has made in the recent nearly 200 hundred country agreement on climate change.

If this were a normal year we could stress the differences that the two have on the important issues of the day. But Donald J. Trump will want to make it a campaign about personalities. He will claim to be the outsider who will bring change to Washington. He may very well bring change but will it be the changes that we want and need. Trump will make it about insults and not issues.

The media has this fascination with Trump where he gets all the attention. He is able to use the media each day to where he will say something controversial to get the coverage he desires to the detriment of his opponent. It is as if the National Enquirer were running his campaign.

We, the people, are not served by having a down and dirty campaign based upon innuendo and rumor, nor are we elevated by talking about whether a victim of a serial womanizer is enabling her husband. This is not a spitting contest or a contest to see who can come up with the most insulting and most outrageous thing to say about someone.

This election is about who will be competent enough to take on the most difficult job in the world. It is not about whether you are an outsider or an insider or politically correct or incorrect, it is about who can do the best job for all the people of this country. Will we as a people be safer under a Clinton presidency or more at risk under Donald Trump.  Let the race to the White House begin.



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