The recent videos of the gruesome deaths of the Jordanian pilot and of the 2 murders of the Japanese citizens has shown that the crisis that is ISIS will not go away. These events occurred in fast succession after the horrible events in France and the quick response of Belgium to the terrorist threat in their country. What is the world to do?

The intent of the showing of the acts of barbarism in the videos that ISIS periodically releases is to use them as propaganda, as recruiting tools. But this last video, the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot, was this one murder too many? Have these horrific acts had the opposite effect?

Clearly, the citizens of Jordan and Japan have been outraged. The actions of ISIS have brought to the world a new reality, that these criminals acts can not go unpunished. So far a coalition has been developing to bring about coordinated action against the criminal organization that is ISIS.

The coalition led by the United States has bombed ISIS. The intent is to degrade and to eventually destroy ISIS. Is bombing going to be enough or is more action needed? Should America listen to the anti-war crowd and stay out of the conflicts that are taking place in the Middle East?

Everyone wants peace. The citizens of the United States are tired of war. Some say it is not our fight, that we should let the locals handle it. That would be nice, it would be easy to wash our hands of it, but we have a responsibility to do something since the United States under President Bush broke the china and the pottery. We destabilized the region when we went to war in Iraq. We did more than just take out the terrorist training sites after we were attacked on 9/11. We became bogged down in the war in Afghanistan. Countless lives have been lost in what appears to be a never ending struggle.

Many who would seek our disengagement from the region ignore history. When Japan attacked Manchuria millions died, while the world said it was not our fight. Cambodia had its killing fields and the world was silent. Jews were sent to concentration camps and the world turned their backs while the mass murder of millions began.

It is not good enough to say it is their fight. The innocent death of civilians that is going on in Syria and in Iraq should be enough of a message that the world has to step up and do something to stop the new killing fields in the Middle East. The danger of a wider regional war also demands action to prevent the spreading of the conflict.

ISIS insists on bringing their criminal acts to the world and civilians are the victims. This is not a war against Islam nor a war against the Muslim faith. This is a conflict where a bunch of murderers have organized in an attempt to bring about an Islamic state. It is more about power and intimidation than it is about religion.

Civilization, the rule of law and justice for the innocent victims of religious persecution that ISIS is conducting, demands action. Inaction guarantees a longer protracted conflict with thousands of additional victims.

The recent footage of the murders of the pilot and the two Japanese civilians are helping to bring about a consensus that further action needs to be taken. Airstrikes can only accomplish so much.

The Congress of the United States needs to do its duty and authorize military action against ISIS. The world needs to unite and remove this barbaric scourge from the earth. Unless we want to see a continuation of deaths by a thousand cuts more action than just bombing needs to take place. With regret it seems as if we have no choice but to go in and physically remove the criminals that are ISIS.


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