Honor is a code of conduct, an ethical standard that you live by. It is integrity personified. Honor is a wonderful trait. We often do not see it anymore and I am not sure if some people have any idea what it is.

Even though I do not agree with Senator John McCain politically, he is a man of honor. He has a code of conduct honed by being in the military that he will not violate no matter what. The other day he had the courage to make a strong statement in defense of the family of Captain Khan. Senator McCain’s statement was magnificent in defense of all families who have had a loved one, give up their life, for another. It is a sacred duty that we all have. There is no questioning the fact that Captain Khan gave up his life so that others may live. His family must be respected and honored for their loss. He has also shown the courage of his convictions and that he is a role model for all of us, when he said that torture is wrong.

Today, in a fit of pique, Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence showed what they were made of when they decided and made it be known that they will not be endorsing John McCain. Donald Trump and Governor Pence have no shame and they have no honor.

Senator McCain is in a tough fight for his re-election to another term in the Senate and he may lose. It might be time for him to go. But for what is supposed to be the Republican Party’s nominee to decide to not endorse him has nothing to do with McCain’s politics and it has everything to do with the fact that McCain had the audacity to criticize Trump’s personal attack on the family of a fallen warrior.

The Senator has maintained his honor. If he loses his election it will not be because he failed to live up to his personal code of conduct. He is a man of honor.



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